Does your baby suck less and sleep more?

Many mothers lamented that their babies sleep a lot, even sleeps all day long, until the time when their children eat has to wake up. When the baby is finished sleeping, he does not wait or talk to his parents like other babies. Is this a normal sign of a newborn?

Signs of babies sleeping more, feeding less

For infants, the need to eat and sleep is very high, need to ensure a balance for the baby to develop comprehensively. According to the National Sleep Organization, the sleep time of newborns can last from 14 to 17 hours, of which about 11-12 hours is night sleep. However, some children will sleep up to 18 hours / day, even more.

About children’s meals, every 2-3 hours babies will need to eat once, with formula milk will take longer. As they grow, the amount of milk they eat will increase, the number of meals will decrease, and the distance between the two meals will be longer.

Regarding the amount of milk, pediatricians recommend that children under 6 months of age not eating weaning should eat about 59-74ml of milk for 450g body weight in 24 hours. This means that if a child weighs 6kg, he or she will need to consume 800ml – 1l of milk a day.

If the child sleeps a lot and eats less than the above figure, the child is sleeping a lot. So is it good for your baby to sleep less? Although a lot of sleep will help children grow up fast and healthy, good for brain development, help the baby’s mental comfort and boost the immune system, but babies suck less can affect the baby’s development .

According to the experts’ explanation, the fact that children sleep a lot less and suckle may be due to the following two reasons:

Help young body develop quickly

Babies who develop their height and weight quickly all sleep very well, especially at night. Because when children sleep deeply, the brain will secrete growth hormones that stimulate the body to develop. Not only that, it also helps strengthen the immune system against basic diseases and helps children have a relaxed spirit after waking up.

Due to pathological children

The situation of children sleeping a lot and sleeping less can also be a sign of some dangerous diseases in children, which can be listed as:

  • Children with high fever, dehydration, should make them tired and lead to continuous sleep without feeding.
  • Signs of meningococcal disease also show that the child is sleeping more and less, even the child is comatose. The disease is extremely dangerous, especially for infants because of the high possibility of causing death or leaving serious sequelae.

Solution for mothers when their baby to sleep more than breastfeeding

Children who sleep too much and eat less can adversely affect their development, so mothers need to wake them up to eat. The advice for moms is that mothers should not let their children sleep more than 2.5 hours a day during the day, so that they focus on sleeping mainly at night, so the amount of food will be better.

To call your child to wake up to eat, you can apply some of the following:

– Light touch on the baby: Newborns are very sensitive, so just touching the cheek or other body part can make the baby move and wake up.

– Cooling: If the baby sleeps too deeply, it is difficult to wake up, the mother can use a warm towel to gently wipe the feet, back, hands, buttocks.

– Remove the towel: When wrapped in a warm blanket, children will sleep better and deeper sleep. Therefore, when you want me to wake up, you should remove this blanket.

– Breastfeeding: When a mother is placed in her mouth, the baby will have a natural sucking reflex. When babies begin to breastfeed, they will gradually wake up. However, this way is not very satisfactory because some babies will continue to sleep after eating.

For babies who sleep a lot and eat less with some signs such as fever, dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, … it is very likely that the baby is ill, so the mother should take the baby to see a doctor As soon as possible to find the appropriate treatment.


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