Cures for cramps during pregnancy

Cramps during the early stages of pregnancy are a relatively common phenomenon. Here is how to handle this situation pregnant women should know.

Signs of cramps occur during pregnancy

Cramps are a common phenomenon in women during pregnancy and have the following signs:

– The time of cramping is right after the first sleep

– The 3rd month of pregnancy is the time when uncomfortable feeling due to cramps and pain becomes more and more frequent as the fetus grows. This can occur during the day and is usually worse at night, which affects the sleep of the pregnant mother, but does not leave any consequences for the mother and will resolve on her own by the end of pregnancy.

– The most common site of cramping includes calves, thighs, and feet, especially in the calves. Also often seen in the hands, trunk. Note the case of abdominal cramps should be noted because of the possibility of miscarriage. In addition to sudden pain, women may also feel or see a hard mass of tissue beneath the skin.

– If a woman has cramps accompanied by symptoms such as bleeding, severe pain in the abdomen or on the top of the shoulder, hyperthermia or severe pain in the affected part, it is necessary to seek medical attention promptly. Investigate and treat promptly.

Deal with cramps

When pregnant, cramping, the mother should calm down and follow these steps:

– Stretch your legs: Try to straighten your legs, start gently massaging the ankles and toes. This may cause pain in the beginning but the pain will gradually disappear.

– Massage the muscles that are contracting.

– Take a hot water bottle and place it on the cramp.

– Go. A few steps will also help the cramps through quickly.

Or moms can go to the bed and put their feet on the ground or heels when lying flat to touch the wall, can also stretch the soles forward to extend the shin.

In addition, straightening your knees, then arching your feet back to the back of the knee, bending upwards, gently rotating your legs will help reduce cramps.

How to prevent cramps in pregnant women

– Avoid standing or sitting for too long in a position. Pregnant mom works at the office to take advantage of the time to stretch her calf and move her legs after every working hour.

– Avoid hard work. Maintain a rhythmic and moderation movement routine.

– Exercise during pregnancy with light exercises such as yoga, swimming, walking, … helps the blood flow and metabolism in the mother’s body take place more smoothly.

– Perform gentle massage, massage from the thigh to calf, foot and toes to increase blood circulation.

– Rest your feet on a high (soft) pillow when sleeping. Should lie on the left side to circulate blood throughout the body, especially the calf area.

– Consult your doctor to be able to supplement the amount of calcium needed for the body in each stage of pregnancy, from 800-1500mg of elemental calcium / day.

How to overcome cramps

– In the daily menu, pregnant women should pay attention to supplementing foods rich in potassium, magnesium, especially calcium (meat, fish, eggs, vegetables – tubers – fruits, especially bananas, raisins, pears …) .

– Drink plenty of water, it is best to supplement every day from 2 – 2.5 liters of water to limit dehydration.

– Should take time to rest. Always to the spirit of comfort, avoid stress.

– Take a warm bath. Soak your feet in hot water mixed with some salt and ginger to avoid cramping at night.

– When you notice any doubts about signs of cramps during pregnancy with ongoing pain accompanied by pain and swelling of the legs, touch with a burning sensation around, immediate medical attention is needed. Prompt medical assistance – doctors risk blood clots instead of cramps. Particularly in the case of abdominal cramps should be noted because of the possibility of miscarriage.

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