Colds “spark” many diseases for children.

Low temperatures are a good time to blow up, even making common illnesses in children worse.

Health experts recommend that instead of banning children from playing outside, parents should increase their resistance to healthy and comfortable children to do what they like. 

4 diseases that children are susceptible to when it’s cold

Flu: Flu is a respiratory illness that children often catch, especially in the cold season. Children often get the flu 6 – 7 times a year, in 10-15% of them get the flu more than 12 times a year. In the first year of preschool, children have a 50% higher incidence of illness than children who are cared for at home.

Health experts said: If not treated completely, the flu will recur many times and dangerous complications such as pneumonia, ear infections, acute otitis media, acute sinusitis, … even death.

Diarrhea: Acute diarrhea caused by rotavirus or winter diarrhea is an acute gastroenteritis caused by Rota virus. The disease is common in young children, especially ages 3-24 months. After 1-4 days of infection, the child shows signs of repeated bowel movements, loose stools, or whole water. In some children, diarrhea causes vomiting along with abdominal pain. The dangerous complication of the disease is excessive dehydration and electrolytes leading to vascular collapse, even death if not promptly rehydrated and electrolyzed.

Rhinitis: Rhinitis is common in children aged 6 months to 7 – 8 years old. This is an inflammation of the mucosa of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx, because immunity in children is weak, so it is easy to get sick. Rhinitis makes children uncomfortable, stuffy nose and breathless. If untreated, recurrent disease will lead to complications such as pneumonia, ear infections, acute otitis media, acute sinusitis …

Bronchitis: Bronchitis is an inflammation or inflammation of the airways in the lungs. The illness often causes a child to have a cough, runny nose, moderate or high fever. In bronchitis, children often wheeze or have difficulty breathing, even stop breathing, have poor sleep, or vomit.

Increased resistance, reduced disease

In order for children to be healthy against diseases, parents need to improve their children’s immunity by feeding children a diet with 4 food groups, especially those containing vitamin A. , vitamin C.

Besides, it is necessary for children to increase contact with healthy people in the external environment. Doing this not only helps children strengthen immunity but also helps them develop healthy psychology and ability to use rich language. However, parents should avoid taking children to noisy places, not fresh air like markets, bus stations ….

In addition, parents also need to feed their children with extra meals, drink more milk, orange juice, drink lots of water or use herbal extracts to boost their immune system and immunity. .


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