Mistakes that weaken the immune system in children

If parents unintentionally will make the immune system in children weakened makes children more susceptible to disease. Here are some reasons to weaken the immune system, mothers should know 

1. Force your child to overeat
Some parents think that “the winter is hungry”, they are afraid that their children will be hungry or not eating enough, so they force them to eat more. Especially at night, many parents are afraid of children crying because they are hungry, so they often feed their children before going to sleep. It is forcing the child to overeat, undigested food can generate heat, which leads to digestive disorders, which reduces the immunity of children.

2. Clean the baby’s body through the speakers or too clean
Cold weather, the body of children who have not yet been able to adapt to the environment, unstable body temperature, susceptible to bacteria invasion … Negligence in hygiene will create conditions for bacteria to attack. The body, which leads to the weakened immune system, makes children more susceptible to respiratory and digestive diseases.

Clean hygiene is necessary, but not too much. Because when children are wrapped in a too clean environment, when exposed to the environment even a little dirty, they will not adapt themselves and will be much more susceptible to disease.

3. Abuse of antibiotics

Every time children are sick, have a cold, and giving mothers antibiotics is not a good idea. You should know that overuse of antibiotics kills bacteria in your body, but it also kills good bacteria. The presence of these beneficial bacteria can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, playing a role in disease prevention. If these beneficial bacteria die, the body’s defense will decrease.

Instead of giving your child antibiotics as soon as she is just sick, she should let her body control the disease itself in a reasonable condition. Misuse of antibiotics is equivalent to depriving your baby’s chance of boosting immunity.

4. Let children inhale too much cigarette smoke

Beverly Kingsley, of the Tobacco and Health Research Office of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, USA, said, “Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 toxins and most of them. This poison can irritate or kill the cells in the body. ”

Children are more vulnerable to the effects of secondhand smoke than adults because their breathing is faster. Meanwhile, the system to filter natural toxins in the young body is not complete. Secondhand smoke also increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, bronchitis, ear infections and asthma.

5. Children are overweight and obese

Being overweight puts children at risk of diabetes, cancer or heart disease. In addition, the excess fat cells will adversely affect the immune system. Excess fat cells will slow down the elimination of inflammatory substances in the body, leading to chronic inflammation.


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