Eating habits affect children’s health

There are some bad eating habits that affect children’s health. You need to pay attention to eliminate these habits to help children develop well.
1. Abnormal diet
The erratic diet is the cause of children affected by digestion. It is this unscientific eating habit that will harm a young child’s weak stomach. In many cases, children may vomit immediately after eating too much because of abdominal pain or discomfort. The main reason is that the baby’s stomach fails to secrete acids to digest the food, which makes him more prone to bloating and nausea.

So to limit this situation, mothers should ensure children eat on time, properly, do not let children exercise after eating to avoid affecting the child’s stomach.

2. Let children overeat at dinner
Many moms let their children overeat at dinner. This inadvertently gives children a bad habit of overeating at dinner. Eating too much food at night will increase the amount of protein and fat that accumulates in your child’s stomach, making it difficult to digest. It is also detrimental to bowel function and as children grow older they may develop stomach pain.

3. Give your child lots of street food 

Street food is really convenient for busy moms. When I can’t make breakfast for you, a sandwich bought along the way will be my lifeline. But mom knows, eating a lot of street food is harmful to the health of children. Food sold on the street is often not hygienic, in addition fast foods high in fat and low in fiber can easily affect the digestion of children.

4. Chew food for the child
Fearing that their teeth were weak or they would have indigestion when they could not bite small food, many mothers often chew their food to help their children. However, this is absolutely not recommended because it is an unhygienic way of eating

The mouths of adults can contain lots of bacteria and when chewed, these bacteria can follow food to enter the body of children. The child’s resistance is weaker than adults so they are also more susceptible to infection.

5. Give children lots of cold foods 

Cold drinks like ice cream, tea, soft drinks and many other foods can suit your child’s taste but are completely harmful to your child. When food gets too cold when it reaches the baby’s stomach, the mucosa and blood vessels in the stomach shrink and acid secretion affects the digestion of food. In addition, cold food also affects the child’s teeth, Mom.
6. Give your child lots of fried foods 

Fried foods often contain high levels of oil and it has put a burden on the baby’s stomach. This can cause indigestion and anorexia in babies that parents least expect. High fat content also makes children vulnerable to obesity.
Above are the unhealthy habits that children are likely to encounter. I need to pay attention to overcome to ensure the health of the baby.



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