Children with chicken pox should eat & abstain from what is best?

One of the many skin diseases that children often suffer from is chickenpox. Although chicken pox is a benign disease, many parents are subjective, so it is slow to cure or treat their children the wrong way. This not only causes chickenpox to slow down, but can also lead to long-term health complications. Therefore chicken pox should be detected early and carefully cared for.

1. Complications and ways to care for children with chickenpox

Chickenpox (or the folk name for it) is caused by the varicella zoster virus. The main manifestation of the disease is bullous lesions on the skin and mucous membranes. After the virus enters the body, it takes about 10-20 days (called the incubation period) for the person to develop symptoms of a person infected with the virus (fever, headache, drowsiness, and boredom). eat…). At this time, on the skin of the patient may appear erythema with a few millimeters in diameter and after 1-2 days to appear beans. Most pitches are less than 5mm in diameter, but there are also beans up to 10mm in diameter. A lot of floating notes is a warning sign that the disease may be severe.

Bullous blisters initially contain a clear fluid, about 1 day later become opaque like pus and then the next 2-3 days will burst, the acne will scab.

The most common complication is infection at the pox. People who suffer from this complication, if not treated promptly, the lesions will be deep and widespread, so even though they can be cured, they can leave pitted scars that cause unsightly beauty, worse, also lead to cellulitis, septicemia. In addition, people with chickenpox can also have complications of pneumonia, encephalitis …

Pneumonia complications are more common in adults than children and usually appear on day 3-5 of the disease. Pneumonia can develop mildly, recovering but can also progress to severe respiratory failure, pulmonary edema … and life-threatening. Particularly in the case of encephalitis, the death rate accounts for 5-20%, even if saved, it can leave severe sequelae or have to live a vegetative life for the remaining months and days.

According to doctors, mothers with chickenpox when pregnant less than 20 weeks of birth will have a small percentage (about 2%) of congenital chicken pox syndrome. The manifestations of this syndrome can be: skin scars, low weight, eye diseases (cataracts, retinal damage …), short limbs, small heads, mental retardation …

For mothers who have had chickenpox in the period between five days of birth and 48 hours after birth, babies are more susceptible to perinatal chickenpox and have a high mortality rate (about 30%).

2. How to prevent chickenpox?

Chickenpox spreads very quickly. Patients can spread the disease to others 5 days before and after the rash and are no longer contagious once the blisters have dried up. The disease can also be transmitted indirectly through contact with infected clothing or other items from the blisters of the infected person.

Everyone can actively prevent chickenpox by getting vaccinated against it. This is the safest and most effective measure. The vaccine has been shown to be highly protective (over 97%) and last a lifetime. According to

Danang Preventive Medical Center, the varicella vaccination schedule is as follows:

  • 1 injection for all subjects 12 months and older.
  • Give 2 doses given every 6 weeks or so (do not give 2 doses 4 weeks apart).


  • Do not give chickenpox vaccine to pregnant women.
  • Women of childbearing age (15 to 49 years) should get the chickenpox vaccine 3 months before pregnancy.
  • In addition to the Preventive Medicine Center, people can get chickenpox vaccine at the Preventive Medicine teams of Health Centers located in the districts.
  • When a family member has chickenpox, in order to avoid spreading it to family members, the sick person needs to be cared for and isolated as follows:

For people with chickenpox need:

  • Housed in a private, well ventilated room with sunlight, the isolation period is about 7 to 10 days from the onset of the disease (rash) until the blisters are completely scaly (the adult must leave work, students must leave school).
  • Use your own personal items: towels, cups, cups, spoons, chopsticks.
  • Clean your nose and throat daily with 90/00 physiological saline solution.
  • Change clothes and wash everyday with warm water in the bathroom.
  • Should wear loose, light, thin clothes.

For children with chicken pox

  • Children should be trimmed nails, keep their nails clean or can use cloth gloves to wrap their hands to avoid complications of secondary skin infections due to scratching children scratching the blisters.
  • Eat the food soft, liquid, easy to digest, drink lots of water, especially fruit juice.
  • Use the Milian green solution (Methylene blue) to splash on broken water blisters.
  • In case of high fever, common analgesic drugs can be used but must follow the physician’s instructions, antibiotics can be used in case of infection: pus with pus, redness in the surrounding skin … Absolutely not use aspirin to reduce fever.
  • If the patient feels: Irritability, lethargy, fatigue, convulsions, coma or bleeding on the rash, it should be taken immediately to medical facilities for monitoring and treatment.

For family members:

  • Limit contact with the sick: When needed contact, must wear a mask. After contact, wash hands immediately with soap. Especially pregnant women should absolutely avoid contact with the sick person.
  • Clean the room of the patient: Clean the floor of the patient’s room, tables, chairs, cabinets, toys with Javel water, or Cloramin B solution, then rinse with clean water. For small items that can be exposed to the sun.

Doctors recommend, chickenpox is a benign disease but needs to be detected early and attentive care, if not treated promptly and properly will cause many dangerous complications such as pneumonia, encephalitis and membranes Brain. Therefore, it is necessary to base on the symptoms of the disease to detect and treat promptly.

3. What is abstain from chickenpox?

In the process of treating chickenpox without proper abstinence will make the disease worse, even can cause neurological damage to cancer, skin cancer, the most dangerous is fatal. So what does chickenpox abstain from?

3.1. Abstain from crowded places

Chickenpox is one of the diseases that is spread by air from one person to another. From the moment the skin appears red, the virus has been able to spread to those around them. Therefore, in the time of carrying chickenpox (about 1-2 weeks), it is best to stay away from crowded places.

3.2. Use personal belongings only

Many people who get sick often wonder what chickenpox abstains. According to experts, because of the contagious disease, you should use personal belongings, especially face towels, chopsticks bowls, drinking water, etc.

3.3. Abstinence scratching, breaking chicken pox notes

For chickenpox to improve quickly, patients should never scratch or break the chickenpox nodules. To limit the likelihood that this can happen when not controlled, you should cut all nails, keep the skin always dry and clean, and also wear soft clothes to avoid rubbing the skin. The chicken pox when broken does not only leave bad scars, but also spread the acne quickly to other skin areas.

3.4. Fasting eat fishy food

Chickenpox diets abstain from what? When suffering from chickenpox, patients should not eat fishy foods such as seafood, chicken, duck and beef. Instead eat liquid foods but still have to ensure enough calories and nutrients for a healthy body and increase resistance.

3.5. Keep the body clean

According to gynecologists, people with chicken pox should abstain from water and wind to avoid getting the dirt on the skin through the sores and deep seepage causing skin infections. So, when you are sick, you should only use warm water and a soft towel to wipe yourself clean. And should be noted when cleaning must be gentle, avoid strong impact on chicken pox nodules cause breakage and infection. After wiping, you should use a soft towel to pat dry.


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