Children with attention disorders get angry easily and lack concentration: What do parents need to do?

Many parents wonder, worry when their children are often too hyperactive, standing still, unable to focus attention on a specific task, or neglecting the work they are doing, or falling into the state of being daydreaming, vague in the child’s private world.

In child psychology, that is called attention disorder syndrome. The underlying causes and consequences of this disorder are not fully understood by all parents. Therefore, there are cases where there is no timely care measure, leaving consequences for the psychological development of the child.

Common causes

Studies of psychologists show that children with attention disorders are not their fault, due to reasons that parents pay little attention to:

First, attention disorders and congenital self-control are affected by the mother right from the time of birth. During pregnancy, if the mother is always in a state of stress, sadness, deprivation in relationships, falling into stress, the risk of children with attention disorders is higher than in those pregnant women have a normal mood. During pregnancy, the mother inhaled cigarette smoke in an active or passive way, the incidence of attention disorders in children is also higher. Fathers who manifest in contravention of social norms, such as: violence against others, drug addiction, drug addiction and mothers with psychological disorders, their children are often at risk of attention disorders. .

Secondly, due to mistakes in the way of educating children. When a child does something unsatisfactory, many parents choose a punishment to educate their child with the thought that scares them to do. Or parents are aggressive, lacking parenting skills leads to attention disorders of children. On the contrary, the excessive indulgence of the parents to the child, always responding to the unreasonable demands of the child, also leads to the child being unable to adapt to life, thus either causing aggressive or “buoyant” behaviors. disorder ”when interacting with others.

In particular, the research results of psychologists also show that the consequences of children with attention disorders have a negative impact on the parent-child relationship later and reduce the quality of life. family. Many children with attention disorders who are “photographed” are naughty, hard-headed, and hard to tell, so they are often abandoned by friends. Children also have difficulty learning because of their inability to pay attention. Parents should not be too worried, panicked and surrendered to see that their children are not inclined to make progress. If parents support them in time, their chances of success will be higher.

When children see signs of attention disorders, parents need to take the baby to psychological counseling centers to discuss how to respond to appropriate education for children.

Psychological treatment in a positive way

Children with attention disorders need the help and attention of parents and educators so they can control their actions and focus on the tasks. First, parents need to help children know how to receive information, select and process information. Help the child to adjust gradually to overcome the state of “the soul hanging from the branches”. In addition, members need to be provided with a number of life skills such as being close to children regularly, improving the quality of eye contact, facial expressions and voice, helping parents to be persistent and ability to accept failures and disappointments to calmly respond to children’s behaviors. Avoid sanctions, encourage and praise when your child focuses on doing an activity well, minimizing his / her improvisation.

Parents need to know how to actively coordinate with teachers in a timely manner to work together to unify the way and help children facilitate communication with people. Talk to the teacher about your child’s limitations, help you overcome the weaknesses caused by attention disorders. In addition, parents should create conditions for children to participate in their favorite games and sports so that they can practice perseverance and hard work. Have fun with your kids like listening to music, watching funny movies to help them know how to balance life. Help your child develop specific action plans, so that he or she can work out solutions. Respect the legitimate needs of the child so that the family always cares and is close to the child. If parents find that their children exhibit disordered activity and attention, they should consult the child psychologist as soon as possible, helping to effectively apply therapy. promptly help children integrate into life early.

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