Changes of pregnant women in the last 3 months of pregnancy

The last three months of pregnancy, you feel like your body is falling, you are always sluggish, slow and tired. When you get out of bed or get up, you need to use more strength.

In particular, you notice the body has a lot of changes. These are the symptoms you will encounter during this period and how to feel more comfortable.

1. You are very sleepy but you cannot sleep when lying down?

Things that can disturb your sleep:

– Legs are broken by the uterus pinching nerves and blood vessels in the leg.

– Unstable leg syndrome: you feel discomfort in your feet and need to move.

– The lower chest sometimes aches due to the uterus pinching the stomach

– The fetus moves.

– Or urination. To help you sleep better, lie on your left side with pillows between your legs or behind your back.

2. Bigger breasts:

The breasts are tight and sore. The nipple can secrete colostrum. You bathe and clean your breasts with warm water.

3. Back, abdominal, pelvic and hip pain:

This is because pregnancy hormones relax the joints in the pelvis that prepare the baby for birth. The muscles and ligaments supporting your uterus are also tight, so you have abdominal pain.

4. Itching and numbness

Your body gains weight, the nerves are pinched, leading to itching and numbness of the legs, arms and hands. The dilated abdominal area can also be numb.

A simple way to reduce hand numbness is to wear a brace to fix your wrist at night, when you go to bed. This usually resolves after birth.

5. Short breath, you feel like you are short of breath:

That’s because the uterus gets bigger and bigger, your lungs get pinched, and the dilated space is narrowed. If you feel tired, short of breath when climbing stairs, walking, you should stop to rest and take a deep breath, regularly and continue.

6. Edema

Slow circulation of blood causes swelling of the legs, ankles, feet, hands, and face.

If accompanied by headache, blurred vision, dizziness and abdominal pain, this is a sign of pregnancy hypertension. You should seek medical attention immediately.

7. The vagina secretes a lot of slime

More and more in the last days of pregnancy, more and more mucus. You need to keep your genital area clean, wearing cool underwear.

8. Other things to consider:

– Varicose veins: The veins under the skin of the calf area are swollen, green, sometimes painful.

– Hemorrhoids: This is varicose veins in the rectum. They may bulge out of the anus and cause itching, pain during bleeding, and difficulty with bowel movements. As a remedy, you should ask your doctor before using stool softeners.


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