8 wrong habits when raising children

Bringing up mentally strong children, equipped to cope with real-world challenges, requires parents to abandon unhealthy parenting habits.

Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and lecturer at Northeastern University in the United States, found that if parents want to raise strong and strong children to live happily and successfully, parents must also have a spirit strong.

Let children bear the victim’s mentality

Being removed from a soccer team or failing to keep up in class does not make you a victim. Rejection, failure, and unfairness are part of life. Instead of letting their children psychologize their victims or exaggerate their misfortune, parents who are mentally strong will encourage their children to turn difficulties into strength. They help them identify ways they can take positive action, regardless of their situation.

Make children the center of the universe

Many parents want to put their children first, to put their whole life around them.

Children who think they are the center of the growing universe will only enjoy, selfish lives. Parents should teach their children to focus on things that benefit society instead of ownership.

Too enveloping children

Wrapping your baby in a protective circle can help ease anxiety. But keeping children too safe will hinder their development. Parents consider themselves a guide, not a guardian. Allow your children to go out and experience life even when you’re worried.

Expect perfection

Every parent has expectations for their children, but too much expectation will have the opposite effect. A psychological mother will realize that her children will not excel in all areas.

Instead of pushing your children to be better than others, focus on helping them become the best version of themselves.

Burning responsibility for children

Mentally strong parents will never say, “I don’t want to burden my children” or “Children should only be children.”

They always direct their children to participate and learn the skills needed to become responsible citizens. They actively teach their children to be responsible for their choices and give them age-appropriate tasks

Do not want children experience pain

It is hard to see children struggling with feelings of pain or anxiety. But, children need to practice and experience discomfort. A strong parent will support your child in coping with pain so that he or she can be confident in the ability to face any difficulties in life.

Do not want children to make mistakes

Even if you make some wrong calculations, forget to do your homework, … These mistakes can be the best “teacher” in your life.

Parents, let your children mess up and allow their children to face the natural consequences of their actions.

Misunderstanding between discipline and punishment

Punishment is making children miserable for their wrongdoing. Discipline is about teaching your children how to do better in the future. Besides giving consequences, the ultimate goal is to teach children to develop self-discipline.


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