8 Tips for teaching 2-year-olds to listen to mothers should not be ignored

When your 2-year-old child knows what others are saying and understands, it is stubborn or whiny. However, if you know the 8 secrets of teaching a 2-year-old child to listen to words, parents will be less strenuous, and form habits and attitudes for children right from the young. The mothers watch together why at this age need to teach children obedience and what is the secret to make children obey!

Why is it important to teach children to listen to words when they are 2 years old?

2-year-old children have had developmental changes that are different from 1 year old or older. Teeth nearly all, walking and running more. Some families send their children to kindergarten. So why is it necessary to teach children to be obedient when they are 2 years old but not earlier or when they are 3 or 4 years old, they are more fluent in talking?

At 2 years of age, children can understand most of what people around them say and even learn very quickly. Therefore, at this age, how parents behave greatly affects their children’s actions and attitudes. In this age, you will have to shape your children well, to distinguish right from wrong and not with pampering according to your wishes and interests.

If children are taught too early, they cannot communicate w ith their parents, so it will be difficult to understand and express their own feelings of desire. If it is too late to teach children, it is probably too late when the formation of children’s attitudes has begun earlier.

This age is stubborn but also obedient and fearful. So parents have to train from the beginning. The method of making children obedient should be methodical, here are 8 tips to teach 2-year-old children to listen to the synthesized from many sources, the mother can refer and try to apply offline!

8 tips for teaching 2-year-olds to be obedient

1. Use serious eyes, not scold when the child makes a mistake

At this age, children are often very hyperactive and stubborn, so they can easily make mistakes. According to the habit of many parents, it is firstly uncomfortable, angry. However, to teach your child to obey, you need to control your emotions. You should not scold or criticize your children when they make mistakes because they can scare and withdraw them.

Instead, parents should use serious eyes, speak clearly with a resolute tone and explain to the child the harm caused by the mistake. At the same time, punish her to stand still to reflect on her own mistake.

2. Praise as soon as the good child

Besides the times when children make mistakes, they are docile moments, knowing what parents feel about their love. When you do something right or listen to your parents, praise you. That helps me know I am doing well so I can keep up the habit or promote it.

I can praise you from the smallest things like normal don’t clean up then naturally tidy up or normally lazy to eat but you are voluntarily eating deliciously, .. The more compliments your parents will do. I try harder.

3. Do not ask children too much

One of the 8 tips to teach obedient 2-year-old children is not to ask their children too much because they are too young, unable to absorb many requests at once. Or the same thing that you repeat too many times also makes children think that you are angry and will stay away from you without obeying, following or doing it reluctantly. So you’ve failed to teach your children to obey.

4. Give your child the right to choose 

To teach your child to obey first and foremost respect him, so give him the right to choose whether it is his punishment or whatever (to the extent permitted by his parents). Parents should give their children two choices for their children to decide. This is also to help children become independent and have their own views and opinions so that they will respect and listen to their parents more.

5. Don’t be soft-hearted

When punished or reminded, it is common for babies to tease or cry. However, parents should not be so compassionate about their actions. because it may inadvertently eliminate all of the above teaching. Research experts recommend that after mothers finish scolding their children, they should let them ponder themselves for 5 – 7 minutes, then cradle and carry the baby.

6. Guide specific children

8 tips to teach obedient 2-year-old children indispensable instructions for children very specific. When you want your child to pack up his or her toys after playing, guide them and they don’t naturally know how to do them. Instead of saying, “When you have finished playing, you must put toys away”, say “Put the superman in the toy basket”. Accompanied by a parent to do to show your baby to remember the next time.

At this age, your child is learning a lot of things, not fully understanding the language, so parents need to do and guide them specifically to follow. Instruct me several times or more like that, later when the game is finished, I have to clean the toys and they will understand where to put them.

7. Standing close to the baby

Standing close to your child will help you feel like a friend to your parents to share and talk. It is also one of the things that parents respect their baby. When you are sharing everything your baby will be easier to listen to you.

8. Speaking coupled with doing

Speaking with children requires the language or the message delivery for children to be strong, clear, intonation and act together. The weight statement is to make sure that the speaking goes hand in hand, it is not an order but a request.

For example, when you say, “Time to go to bed,” include accompanying the act of holding the baby or leading the baby to the bedroom, then turning off the light. As such, your child will understand that this is mandatory, irreversible and certainly obey and do as you wish.

8 tips to teach 2-year-old children to listen to the hope that will be helpful to mothers in teaching children. I wish you success with the above method!


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