7 questions about any newborn mother who asks

Why is my head slightly distorted? Why is your skin flaking off? … are very common questions for new mothers.

After more than 9 months of heavy labor and pain, for the first time holding a baby, every mother must burst into happiness. However, along with that joy, there are also many mothers who are worried, do not know the knowledge and have prepared enough to be able to take good care of their children.

In the process of taking care of children, I often encounter many questions about the strange expressions of children, I wonder if it is normal or not. Here are 7 questions why mothers are most popular about their babies.

1.Why does your skin look glossy and red?

Before birth, the mother often imagines the baby image with smooth, oily skin. However, in fact when the baby is born, the skin is not like that. The baby’s skin is glossy because it is covered with a membrane called vernix. This membrane protects the baby’s body from the penetration of substances in the amniotic fluid.

As for the baby’s skin redder than usual it is because the blood vessels under the baby’s skin more prominent after birth. About 1-2 days later, the baby’s skin will turn pink as usual. For premature babies, in addition to the above two expressions, mothers can also see on the skin of the baby with fluff.

2.Why is my head slightly distorted?

The characteristics on the baby’s head is what mothers are most concerned about. Many mothers were very shocked when their heads were not very round. However, this is completely normal because the skulls of the baby during pregnancy as well as during the early birth are not connected. During birth, these cranial joints are squeezed together, making the head smaller for easier removal.

After birth, the skull joints separate, but the joints may split irregularly, so the baby’s head is slightly distorted. This situation will end when about 1-2 weeks later. This also helps explain why the heads of caesarean babies are often rounder than those born naturally.

3. Why do you sneeze so much?

Do you sneeze a lot, do you have the flu, or do you have any breathing problems? This will surely make many mothers worried. However, babies sneeze more simply because they may have inhaled a little amniotic fluid during birth, when sneezing, they will push all these substances out, so mothers should not be too worried.

4.Why is my face full of acne?

This acne is called newborn acne or milia. Newborn acne is caused by the hormones on the mother’s body that are passed through the placenta to the baby’s body. This situation will soon end in about 1-2. Mother noted that when you have acne, you should not wipe or wash with chemicals but just wash with water and wipe dry.

5.Why does my skin peel off?

As mentioned above, after birth, the baby’s skin has a protective film. After a few days, the film will peel off. Therefore, mothers should not be too worried nor need to apply moisturizer or any chemicals to the baby. If you look closely, you can see that the membranes on the hands and feet will peel off first because this is the most exposed skin.

6.Why do I get startled just by a small noise?

When they feel like falling or hearing sounds like coughing, sneezing, they often startle and raise their hands first. This is because babies have Moro reflexes. This reflex will disappear when the child is over 3 months old. However, I need to pay special attention, if after more than 3 months and still see this reflex occurs, I need to take the baby to check because the baby may have something related to nerve or muscle.

7.Why are my hands and feet so cold?

Because at birth, the baby’s circulatory system is not yet complete, so most of the blood is given priority for important organ systems. The complete process of the circulatory system may take up to several months. In the process, mothers should take care of wearing baby gloves and paws, avoiding too cold baby limbs.

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