Nutrition for pregnant women in 9 months

Nutrition for pregnant women has a great influence on the development of the fetus and the health of the mother. How is the diet scientific and reasonable? Nutrition for your baby changes with each month of pregnancy. Adjusting the appropriate diet will help your baby avoid potential dangers as well as the baby can be healthier and smarter right in the womb.

1. Nutrition for pregnant women in the first month of pregnancy

During the first month of pregnancy, the body begins to change, the hormonal hormone increases, making pregnant women feel nauseous, tired, uncomfortable, and loss of appetite. So, in addition to ensuring 3 main meals, pregnant women should eat extra meals to avoid hunger. Besides, during this time, pregnant mothers need to provide enough 200-300 calories per day.

During the first month of pregnancy, pregnant women should increase their intake of foods that provide protein (meat, fish, poultry), protein foods, iron (cheese, eggs, dried beans, lentils, some vegetables. , red rice, cereals).

In addition, the supplementation of vitamin B11 and folic acid is also necessary for the development of the fetal brain and nerves, helping to avoid birth defects in the fetus. Avoid eating fatty, fried, fried, sweet or spicy indigestion foods as they will only make morning sickness worse.

2. Nutrition for pregnant women in the 2nd month of pregnancy

During this period, the fetus is starting to form parts of the body, so pregnant women need to eat scientifically and reasonably to ensure adequate nutrients for the body. In particular, pregnant mothers need to supplement carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to provide energy for the fetus.

The foods that you should eat a lot in the second month are grains, breads, vegetables, fruits, milk, dairy products, meat and legumes. Also, try to limit foods high in calories, fat, and sugar.

Folic acid still plays an important role this month. In addition, pregnant women remember to drink 2 glasses of low-fat milk every day because this is an excellent source of calcium.

3. Nutrition for pregnant women in the third month of pregnancy

Pregnant women need to increase the amount of fresh vegetables and fruit because this is the main source of fiber. Every day, pregnant mothers should supplement 300g of vegetables to prevent constipation complications in pregnancy, and help provide many important vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand, pregnant women also need to use iodized salt instead of regular salt to provide enough iodine in the process of embryo formation and fetal development, to prevent congenital hypothyroidism and dullness, intellectual disability.

Need to add foods rich in zinc (liver, seafood such as oysters, oysters …), high in protein (meat, fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, legumes, cheese …), iron-rich foods (liver, blood…). Besides, pregnant women can supplement vitamins and minerals as prescribed by your doctor.

Drink enough fluids and drink 3-4 glasses of low-fat milk per day. Cut back on junk foods that are unfriendly, high in calories, and low in nutrients such as sweets, fast foods, and processed foods.

4. Nutrition for pregnant women in the 4th month of pregnancy

When starting a pregnancy in the middle 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women need to provide enough 340 calories per day. Diet for pregnant women is indispensable for protein, iron, calcium and fat. At the same time pregnant women also need to add other vitamins.

Absolutely not chewing to one side and especially not skipping meals or fasting. At least after 4 hours, pregnant women should add healthy foods to the body to prevent nausea, heartburn, fatigue and sleepiness.

5. Nutrition for pregnant women in the 5th month of pregnancy

By the 5 th month, the fetus develops very quickly, so the mother needs enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals for the body. Pregnant women need to absorb nutrients from fish, meat, eggs and bean products, green, yellow vegetables, animal liver … Daily food for the fifth month pregnant woman should ensure 1.5mg of calcium. 3300 units of vitaminA, 6mg betacerofen, 100g of vitaminC.

In addition, this month, the fetal brain starts to develop rapidly, so the mother should not eat too much red meat because they will make the body more acidic, making the fetal brain not flexible. At the same time need to limit eating too much white sugar because they are not beneficial for cell development in the brain.

The mother’s body during the 5th month of pregnancy starts to become cumbersome, the reason usually because the body stores too much water. Therefore, pregnant women should limit salty foods, reduce salt intake during cooking, avoid salty foods such as chips, processed foods, pickles, olives and bacon.

6. Nutrition for pregnant women in the 6th month of pregnancy

During the 6th month, pregnant women need to supplement many foods rich in iron and calcium such as animal meat, fish, legumes, vegetables, milk and dairy products to prevent anemia in pregnant women. osteoporosis, toothache, gingivitis or hunchback in children. In addition, pregnant women also need to limit eating foods containing grease and salt to avoid high blood pressure, leg edema and cardiovascular diseases.

7. Nutrition for pregnant women in the 7th month of pregnancy

When entering the last 3 months of pregnancy, the amount of calories and nutrients pregnant women need to load into their body is equivalent to 6-7kg of body weight, meaning pregnant women need to increase 6-7kg to be able to have enough nutrients for mothers and baby. Nutrition for pregnant women in the last 3 months is indispensable for nutrients including protein (protein), fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Specifically, in the 7th month, pregnant women need to add hot foods, lots of rice, cereals, red beans, and green beans with a sufficient dose. Furthermore, mothers should also pay attention to substances such as calcium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, iron, vitamins, …

8. Nutrition for pregnant women in the 8th month of pregnancy

The importance of omega-3 in the last trimester of pregnancy is undeniable. The fastest growth and development of the child’s brain during this period. You can get foods rich in healthy fats from nuts, walnuts, salmon, etc. Consult your doctor to get omega-3s from other vitamin supplement sources.

Pregnant women should choose foods with high nutritional value to add to the daily menu such as rice, cereals, eggs, beef, fish, animal liver, legumes, vegetables, fruits, distilled oil. Storing … At the same time adding foods rich in omega-3 to ensure the child’s brain development.

Pregnant women should not abuse supplements such as fish liver oil, vitamins, and ginseng to avoid harm to the fetus. In addition, at this time, pregnant women should limit their intake of sweets, sugar, and fat, and on the contrary, eat a lot of green vegetables to avoid causing difficulties for the birth. Avoid soy, potatoes, or persimmons to prevent symptoms such as bloating and gas.

9. Nutrition for pregnant women in the 9th month

During the last 4 weeks, the fetus develops very fast because 9 months pregnant women often require a lot of nutrition. Because nutrients in this period not only provide for the development of the fetus, but also reserve a part in the mother’s body to prepare for the day of “passing”.

In this last month, elected to choose foods with small quantity and high nutrition such as eggs, milk, shrimp, crab, seaweed, pork liver, ribs, yellow, green vegetables, fruits. At the same time, supplement vitamins from green vegetables and fruits, eat plenty of protein foods to enhance resistance as well as absorb nutrients easily. Do not eat a lot of salt to avoid developing dangerous diseases such as high blood pressure …

With a full set of nutritional knowledge for pregnant women each month of pregnancy, hopefully parents can apply useful knowledge in the most scientific and reasonable way, so that their babies are born the healthiest and most developed. can.

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