5 simple things that teach children healthy eating habits

Most parents have difficulty with eating and scientific eating habits. Here are 5 suggestions to help parents reduce stress about children’s eating.

1. Be a good example 

Children are inherently more observant than we think. So, if they see you always storing candy and sweets in the cupboard, they will assume that these foods are for daily use. This is why you should keep fruits, vegetables, low fat foods and cereals in the fridge.

In this way, they will have more opportunities to eat healthy foods for children. If you are not a mother with scientific eating habits, consider this an opportunity to retrain yourself and help your child learn to eat healthily from an early age.

2. Choose your food together 

When you go to the market to choose food, let your child go along and show them how to choose fruits and vegetables. Afterwards, let your child help you prepare to eat in the kitchen with very simple tasks like washing fruits, picking vegetables, peeling fruits. As children become more involved in housework, they are more interested in eating.

3. Do not use food to reward, punish or “bribe” babies

Many parents often “bribe” confectionery to treat them well or punish them for not eating when they are not obedient. Be careful because these are all “traps” that many parents have when raising children. Nutrition experts warn that action will encourage the development of negative views about children’s food.

For example, if you ask your child not to eat dessert before they finish eating their own vegetables, they will not like to eat vegetables anymore. Even the use of foods that children like as a reward leads to the risk of obesity. It does not matter if you take your child to eat ice cream after he has played a good game but do not use ice cream to motivate them to try their best to play well that game.

4. Do not cut back on food

When you go on a diet, you try to cut back on some foods, but that stimulates you to crave more. Just like in children, banning them from eating certain foods now may lead to future digestive disorders. A balanced diet helps children feel good about a variety of foods.

5. Provide a variety of different foods 

Children often prefer to eat when they think they can control food. You can help your child to have these positive thoughts by making choices for him, such as choosing between eating vegetables, fruits or drinking juice. After a while, your child will begin to have good eating habits.


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