What is the effect of Gac seeds? Revealing the great use of Gac seeds

Although Gac fruit is very good, its seeds are considered to be extremely effective medicinal herbs that bring many benefits to human health. So what is the effect of Gac seeds? We would like to answer all of the readers’ questions through the article below, invite you to follow along.

What is the effect of Gac seeds?

Gac fruit contains many nutrients, often used to cook sticky rice. The seeds inside of the Gac fruit bring many great health benefits. Specifically, the kernel of Gac seeds contains 55.3% fatty lipids, 16.6% protit (protein), 11.7% minerals, 6% water, 2.9% inorganic substances, 2.9% sugar, 2 , 8% cellulose, 1.8% tannin, … Besides, Gac seeds also contain a small amount of invedaxa, phosphotoba yeast, … are beneficial for health.

With the question of what effect does Gac seeds have? Then, depending on the purpose and use of us, Gac seeds will bring different uses, specifically:

Effects of Gac seeds when soaking in alcohol

Traditional medicine said, the use of Gac seeds when soaked in alcohol is shown in the point: The inner core of Gac seeds has a bitter taste, is slightly sweet, moderate and slightly toxic should be used to treat trauma, trauma and soreness are very effective.


If you cut your hand, fall and cause bleeding or are stung by an insect, absorb Gac seed alcohol with cotton and apply several times around the wound. Gac seed wine helps antiseptic, extremely effective wound healing. Doing a few times a day, continuously for about 4 days will completely go away.

Cure aches and bleeding teeth

Take a sip of Gac seeds soaked in wine in the morning and afternoon to reduce the sensitivity, toothache. Alcohol soaked in Gac seeds can also be used in case of bleeding in the mouth, sore throat, …

Treat joint pain, sprains, and sagging legs

This is a common answer to the question of what does gac seed do. In fact, alcohol soaked with Gac seeds is used by a lot of people to apply it to the painful joint and joint fracture, sprains several times a day. Apply and massage the affected area gently until the pain is relieved and gone.

Gac seeds treat hematoma when injured

Ancient folk used to take the seeds of Gac to burn the shells and burn into pieces, then take the seeds that were still yellow, not burned and sliced. Take about 30 seeds of Gac soaked with 400ml of alcohol for a month until the medicinal alcohol has a dark, dark red smell that can be used. When you or a loved one is injured leading to hematoma, you can use alcohol soaked Gac seeds to apply to the bloody area, helping to eliminate this condition effectively.

Gac seeds help to inhibit hemorrhoids

In traditional medicine, Gac seeds are called carpentry. The kernel of Gac seeds of bitter taste, stability, and poisonous gas when entering 2 canals (liver) and colon will help to destroy bladder, treat boils. Alcohol soaked in Gac seeds can be used for drinking, but often used to soak and apply topically. So for hemorrhoids, soaked in gac seeds has what effects?

Answer: Gac seeds have antiseptic effects, clean the area of ​​hemorrhoids, inhibit the growth of hemorrhoids. The method is quite simple, you use crushed Gac seeds, add a little wine, wrap it with cloth and cover on the anal area overnight.

Gac seed for foot bottle treatment

If you or a loved one has calluses, use the crushed Gac kernel (keep the film intact), add some 40 degree alcohol. Then wrap the medicine in a plastic bag and seal the mouth, cut a small hole with the leg where the bottle is, and apply the medicine. Use 2 days, then change once, use continuously for 7 days the bottle will fall out.

Gac seeds treat breast swelling

Gac seeds removed membrane, yellow stars, powdered into fine powder, drink half a teaspoon of powder each day after eating Gac seeds. On the outside, use Gac seeds soaked with alcohol or vinegar to apply to the affected area. Drink and apply 2 times a day, using in a row for 5 days will help reduce pain and swelling effectively.

The use of Gac seeds in beauty


Gac seeds contain vitamin A, which helps to regenerate smooth, healthy skin, increase elasticity and provide moisture to the skin. In addition, the active Lycopene in Gac seeds has a powerful anti-aging effect, natural vitamin E is able to support the beauty of the skin and the development of the reproductive organs.

Gac seeds are effective against melasma

The amount of lycopene in Gac seeds is known as a beauty medicine, they work to reduce dark pigmentation, effectively care for the skin, and help fade freckles and dark spots. You can eat the outer membrane of Gac seed or mask with Gac oil to treat skin pigmentation.

Notes when using Gac seeds

What effect Gac seeds have, the actual use of this seed for health is great. However, in order for the treatment of diseases from Gac seeds to be most effective, you need to pay attention to the following problems when using Gac seeds:

Gac seeds contain 4 types of toxic acids, if used incorrectly, will affect health. Therefore, experts recommend that patients only use alcohol soaked with Gac seeds to apply in addition, do not use to apply on open wounds, consult a physician before drinking alcohol soaked in Gac seeds.

  • Do not overdo Gac seeds because Gac seeds are toxic. You should use 2 – 4g of Gac seeds / day and roast or cook them before using.
  • Should not remove the red membrane around Gac seeds. Many people have a habit of removing the red membrane surrounding Gac seeds when eating, however, studies show that the amount of vitamin A in the red membrane is very high, effective in enhancing eyesight and effectively treating dry eyes.

Gac seeds are a popular medicine but extremely effective. Through the answers to the question of what effect Gac seeds have, hopefully, it will help you to have a more comprehensive view of this seed. Please soak a bottle of Gac seed wine available indoors to prevent dangerous diseases. Wish you always be healthy.

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