What is soy germ essence and the effect of soy germ?

Recently, the essence of soy germ is known as the “panacea” for nutritional supplements for the body, beauty products for women.

Soy germ extract is powdered and refined to extract the main active ingredient of Isoflavones from soy germ. That is, the essence of soy germ has the main ingredient Isoflavones.

As you know, soy is a food that has a lot of good effects not only for women but also for men. There are ideas that soy makes men decline in “male functions”, even infertility. However, many international studies have shown that soy does not affect this aspect, but it also has good effects on men’s health and physiology.

For women, soy germ with active ingredient Isoflavones works very well. According to Associate Professor, Dr. Thao emphasized: “If using science, the effects of soy germ will be very good, not only enhance metabolism, beautiful skin, reduce symptoms of glasses and many other aspects of health.”

But do you know all the effects of soy sprouts on health and beauty?

9 effects of soy sprouts on women

1. Supplement necessary nutrients for the body

Soy germ contains essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize. There are also high protein about 35-38%, vitamins, minerals … very good for the body, especially for women.

Supplement a sufficient amount of soy germ extract to ensure adequate nutrients for the body to always work better and healthier.

2. Helps supplement female hormones, female hormones

Isoflavones, also known as female plant hormones, are almost estrogenic but weaker. This active ingredient works for women after giving birth or are in the pre-menopause period, skin aging and wrinkles appear.

So women over the age of 35 should supplement soy germ essence daily to menstruate regularly, glowing skin smooth …

3. Beauty secrets from nature

Isoflavones are considered to be the panacea to treat skin pigmentation, help to keep the skin smooth, increase elasticity and reduce wrinkles effectively.

Especially for those women who have entered the “down” stage, using soy products is a significant way to recover “spring features”, anti-aging, hair loss, insomnia …

4. Prevention and prevention of growth of cancer cells

There is an opinion that isoflavones in soy germ extract may disrupt endocrine function, causing infertility. But the leading experts in this field have demonstrated that women using soy germ extract only benefit but not harm.

Active ingredient isoflavones both help regulate female hormones, improve oxidation while minimizing the status and risk of breast cancer.

5. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Diseases such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure … are the cause of stroke and heart attack that can affect people’s lives in an instant.

Soy isoflavones are good for health, help prevent high blood fat, especially, those who are at high risk of blood fat, taking Isoflavones supplements is essential. Moreover, people with hypertension, when tolerated Isoflavones will lower blood pressure, lower blood fat.

6. Help increase the size of “round 1”

There are pairs of soaring “mounds” that have always been the dream of women. Soy germ extract helps to develop fat tissue, increase the size of the waist by 3cm is entirely possible thanks to the addition of sufficient Isflavones, a structure similar to estrogen that increases roundness and fullness of breast tissue.

“Women have a habit of eating foods made from soybeans such as soy milk, soy flour, tofu, soy sauce … or drink soy germ essence has a bigger round than the women do not use. ”

7. Support weight loss regime

Soy sprouts contain high amounts of protein to reduce cravings, unsaturated fats are easily metabolized, so no excess fat accumulates in the body.

In addition, soy sprouts also contain many vitamins, minerals, essential micronutrients that help balance the nutrition in the weight loss regime. Using soy sprouts is both beneficial to health and both balanced for women.

8. Improve the “room” story

Women have periods of decreased sexual desire, dry skin, cheeks and freckles.

Isoflavones help strengthen female hormones, improve the “prevention of the sex” of women and limit menopausal manifestations. Bring women a comfortable life.

In addition to the above-mentioned effects, soy germ extract has many benefits for pregnant women.

9. Supplementing many nutrients to mother and fetus

Provides a large amount of healthy protein without much cholesterol and fat as animal protein sources. At the same time, the calcium in soy milk prevents the risk of premature birth and low birth weight.

In addition, the fiber in soy sprout alleviates the symptoms of constipation as well as controlling blood sugar levels for pregnant women.

Note when using soy germ essence for the body

Although there are positive effects on the health and beauty of women, you should not abuse this food. Because the content of Isoflavones is too high, it can completely backfire.

Following the advice of the research experts, every day women need to add about 40-50mg of soy germ extract to have the best effect. For women who have not reached menopause, they should only supplement 1-2 times a week because excess estrogen will break hormonal balance.

Soy sprouts are high in estrogen, so especially for people with tumors, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian tumors loaded with estrogen as the tumor grows more. Although soy sprouts estrogen is lower in risk than synthetic estrogens (hormonal drugs), its effects are well proven.

Therefore, women with tumors should not overdo the soybean sprouts. You can consult your doctor about the right amount of food to be good for your body condition.

For pregnant and lactating women, there has been no research to prove that soy germ extract is harmful to the health of mothers and babies. However, it is still advisable to carefully understand and consult experts, nutritionists to have a reasonable supplement.

Should eat natural soy or soy germ extract?

Use natural soy sprouts by eating dishes: tofu, tofu, soy flour, soy milk … You can balance your diet with soy dishes.

From 100g of natural soybean, 75 grams of soy germ extract can be refined. If you want to save time, you can drink soy germ extract and still ensure the right amount of substance for the body.

Soy germ extract has a higher content of Isoflavones so supplementation should be more limited than eating natural soy foods. Currently there are many addresses selling soy germ extract products, you should also consider reputable addresses to buy the product.

To get the best soy sprouts effects, you should consult a specialist, nutritionist or experienced person.

The information of the article hope to help you. Best wishes for you and your loved ones!



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