What are the benefits of eating yogurt every day for your health?

Yogurt is a familiar snack and feels good for many people. So what is the effect of eating yogurt every day for your health?

Overview of yogurt

Yogurt is a type of food made from fermented cow’s milk, providing a sweet and smooth taste. Nutritionists on Pcbaby say yogurt is very nutritious, capable of regulating the microbial balance in the human body.

So is it good to eat yogurt every day? Compared to fresh cow’s milk, yogurt not only has all the nutrients from cow’s milk but also undergoes the fermentation process, the lactose and protein components are broken down into small molecules, helping the protein to form tiny milk particles. and fat content doubled compared to cow’s milk and more easily digested and absorbed.

Yogurt also helps to improve the appetite and prevent cancer. For young children who are prone to diarrhea when drinking cow’s milk, yogurt can be replaced to limit bloating, bloating or diarrhea. It can be seen that eating yogurt every day is a good habit to help you promote safe and effective health.

The benefits of yogurt to human health

What is the use of yogurt everyday? The first is to regulate the intestinal flora, inhibit harmful bacteria and promote digestion, absorption, and improve intestinal function in a positive way. Every day 1-2 cups of persistent yogurt for several months can reduce constipation or diarrhea effectively. The miasma also gradually disappeared.

Yogurt is also a food that helps improve Lactose intolerance in the body, helping you to improve the adaptability to dairy products. Lactic acid in yogurt can release lactase, which helps the human body to digest lactose in milk. This is why you choose yogurt as a healthy daily food.

The benefits of eating yogurt every day also include the body’s ability to improve the absorption rate of calcium, iron and many minerals. Peptide Hormones produced by the proteolytic protein can boost the absorption efficiency of iron, zinc, calcium, etc.Particularly for the elderly with poor absorption, yogurt is a great nutritional food.

Probiotic yogurt is thought to bring a host of digestive benefits.

Regular consumption of yogurt may help treat antibiotic-associated diarrhea by restoring the balance in the intestinal flora.

In addition, probiotic yogurt contains the beneficial bacteria bifidobacteria that can reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, and help relieve constipation.

By improving lactose digestion, probiotics can also minimize symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Eating yogurt every day also helps improve the immune function of the intestinal tract, preventing and treating inflammatory diseases in this area. Experimental results have proved that, after eating yogurt, the resistance against toxins and harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract of the body increases markedly. Diarrhea also happens less frequently and it will recover faster.

One more effect of eating yogurt every day that many people prefer is reducing blood cholesterol. When you eat yogurt, not only does it raise cholesterol and triglycerides (triglycerides) in the serum, but it also has the effect of reducing blood fat. This effect is really useful for people who want to keep in shape or subjects at high risk of cholesterol-related diseases.

In addition, yogurt is a food that is able to mitigate radiation damage. Scientists have conducted experiments in mice, the results showed that after being fed yogurt, the body’s ability to endure when exposed to direct radiation is enhanced, the rate of destruction of the system immunity also reduced.

What is the ideal time to eat yogurt?

You do not need to set a specific time, you can divide it into 3 most suitable sessions of the day to enjoy yogurt. The first is breakfast, this is the meal that needs the most nutrition to provide enough energy for the body to function during the day. Meanwhile, the nutritional elements in yogurt are absorbed more effectively at this time. You can combine with cereal, bread, etc.

Besides, eating yogurt in the evening also gains many benefits, effective great calcium supplement for your body. The time from 12 pm until dawn is the lowest level of calcium in the blood, which is beneficial for absorbing calcium from food. So, about an hour before bed, you can eat a small glass of yogurt but pay attention to clean oral hygiene afterwards.

In addition, the time after eating rice from 30 minutes to 2 hours is also suitable to eat yogurt as a snack. In about 2 hours after a meal, the gastric juice will thin, the pH value will increase to 3-5, making it easier for the intestinal to absorb the material contained in yogurt. In general, people can eat yogurt every day with the best time to receive many health benefits.

What to pay attention to when eating yogurt?

Yogurt absolutely can not directly increase heat, otherwise it will break the lactic acid, nutritional value is also reduced. However, this is not the reason why you should be encouraged to eat frozen yogurt. Some cases of eating yogurt too cold will make the digestive system unwell, especially for people who may be soldered.

Therefore, it is best to warm the yogurt, that is, put a cup of yogurt in a tray of warm water. So does not lose nutrients but also increase activity for lactic acid, bring more appetite and ensure the body does not have side effects due to the too cold yogurt temperature.


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