Unexpected benefits from chili

Are peppers beneficial for health? In short, the answer will have to be yes, but like everything else, is conditional. Chili has benefits for your health that are clearly undeniable. In fact, chili has been found to cure certain diseases. However, if you have a history of peptic ulcer disease, it’s best to avoid eating chili peppers regardless of their health benefits.
Having said that are some of the best things spicy peppers can do for your health.

Things to know about chili

Chilli is a fruit of the Ca family originating from the Americas and it is now grown all over the world mainly for spices, vegetables and medicine.

Particularly in Vietnam typically there are 4 common types of chili:

  • Capsicum chinense peppers often have many colors, big and small fruits like tomatoes or teardrop shaped without spicy, often used for decoration and ornamental purposes.
  • Dalat chili, also known as chili or fruit peppers, is not spicy, is often used to prepare dishes and only uses the flesh, seeds
  • This is a very hot type of pepper which usually has 3 fruits: white, red, yellow on the same tree
  • Buffalo chili is a long, pointed, spicy flavor commonly used in dishes

Usually chili peppers will be spicy and pungent, this is because the nutritional content of chili contains a chemical called Capsaicin. This chemical has powerful antibacterial properties, and also has analgesic, anti-cancer and anti-diabetic effects.

Nutrition facts in chili
Many people do not know, chili as well as other vegetables have a very rich nutritional composition, specifically the nutrients in chili fruit:

  • Energy 39 kcal
  • Fat 0.4 g
  • Sodium 9 mg
  • Potassium 322 mg
  • Fiber 1.5 g
  • Food sugar 5 g
  • Protein 1.9 g
  • Vitamin A 952 UI x 0.6µg
  • Vitamin C 143.7 mg
  • Calcium 14 mg
  • Iron 1 mg
  • Vitamin B6 0.5 mg
  • Magnesium 23 mg

According to many studies, the effects of capsaicin and vitamins in chili fruit are very beneficial to health.

What are the uses of peppers?

Help with Pain Relieving: Although people associate hot peppers with burning pain, it works in the opposite way. Capsaicin isolates the chemical that causes pain in the body called Substance P and so you will feel pain free. Your tongue feels spicy, not painful.

Weight loss effect

It is said that the main ingredient of chili is Capsaicin which has hot and spicy flavor, and has the ability to create very good heat, helping to burn calories, burn fat in food. help increase metabolic activity, create satiety, stimulate increased secretion of adrenallin, burn fat tissue, reduce the ability to store LDL Cholesterol in obese people.


If you have diabetes, your health will depend on pepper and peppers. The ‘spicy’ chemical in chili is capsaicin and it helps regulate insulin levels in the body. Blood sugar is more likely to be controlled if you just eat spicy.

The study also found that people who ate the chili habit at every meal reduced their blood sugar by 60% compared to those who didn’t.

Eliminates Stuffy Nose due to Cold

This is the most obvious benefit of spicy peppers. The first thing you feel like having when all of your nose errors get a stuffy cold? A bowl of hot and spicy soup. When you drink a bowl of spicy soup, you sweat and your nose clears. Spicy foods can get rid of a stuffy nose with immediate effect.

Help relax, sleep well

Many studies have shown that chili has the ability to soothe nerves that help bring good sleep to many people, particularly Australian scientists who surveyed a group of volunteers and the results showed that when eating foods with chili seasoning make them easier to fall asleep, sleep longer and last 30% longer on average than non-eaters.

Slow down the aging process

Although chili has a characteristic of being spicy and pungent, it has a variety of nutrients. Chili has antioxidant properties like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, … plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen helps slow down the aging process.

Prevent radiation, extend life

Most of the spicy spices like pepper, garlic, chili, … have the protective properties of the DNA of cells to help eliminate the effects from radiation, especially Gamma rays. Besides eating chili, it also promotes activity in the blood circulation system, increases brain cell activity, reduces the risk of disease and helps to prolong life.

Things to keep in mind when using chili

Although peppers have many great uses for health, it still has certain disadvantages. Therefore, the use of chili to ensure proper use and dosage is very important factor. Besides some cases should be limited, even abstain from chili to avoid negative health effects:

People who have symptoms of aphthous

People with heat, mouth ulcers will be very sensitive to spicy, salty, sour, bitter, … If during this period the patient continues to use chili will make the mouth ulcer condition worse. , besides the burning sensation, discomfort also affects significantly to eating and daily activities.

So in order for the condition to improve, patients need to stop using chili or at least during the illness to avoid adverse health effects.

Patients with hemorrhoids

Also because of the hot spicy, chili is considered a food with quite arousal. Especially for people with hemorrhoids should not eat chili. Because eating too many peppers will exacerbate the pain, which can lead to bleeding.

People with kidney disease

Not only chili, but also for all spicy foods like pepper, garlic, ginger, onions and vegetables such as chives, celery, … have a negative effect on the kidneys. Eating too much hot spicy food will stimulate the body’s internal heat to disrupt kidney function, delay excretion activities and make health worse.

Frequent stomach pain

Chili peppers are not the cause of stomach pain, but it can be a factor that makes the stomach ache not be relieved, because the hot taste of peppers stimulates the lining of the stomach, making the condition worse. . However, the fact that chili is beneficial to the stomach helps prevent stomach cancer effectively.

However, people should also be cautious about using chili when they are suffering from stomach pain and to ensure the safest, patients should consult a doctor to plan an appropriate diet.

Pregnant and lactating women

During pregnancy if eating too much chili will easily cause allergies for children later. In addition, it also directly affects breast milk, the body gets hot, causing the body to heat up, leading to difficulty sleeping and crying.

Patients with cholecystitis

If suffering from cholecystitis patients should abstain from chili and other hot spicy foods. The reason is that the pungent taste will have a strong stimulation, making it easy for the gallbladder to shrink causing sharp pain in the liver.

People with pinkeye

Chili stimulates the body to release heat, burning inside causing negative effects on eye diseases such as pinkeye, keratitis, … and may be aggravated by eating too many peppers during the treatment. treatment.

Hot peppers are best for your health when eaten fresh because you can get pure capsaicin in them that way.



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