The use of Gac oil for health

Gac oil is extracted from Gac fruit, a very good food for health. In addition, it also works for the beauty care of women especially good for pregnant women. Let’s explore the use of Gac oil

The effect of Gac oil on health

Mother Nature has given us what is called a “fruit from heaven”, which is Gac fruit. Gac has many good nutrients for eyes, in addition to helping us fight disease, aging, slow cognitive decline, help maintain health in the elderly, even prevent it. cancer cell.

Gac oil tonic eyes

Using Gac oil regularly is the way we provide the body with natural nutrients to enhance vision, prevent eye diseases such as nearsightedness, night blindness, … to help eyes healthy. According to the research and conclusions of American scientists, Gac fruit is very good for eyes, because Gac contains more vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin than all known fruits.

Gac oil is good for children

It is no coincidence that Gac has an English name of baby jackfruit. When using Gac oil mixed into weaning food of children, it will help the cup of porridge, cup of powder with beautiful color, attractive, stimulate the baby’s appetite. Any mother wants to give her baby healthy, fast and grow up, so please give me a bottle of Gac oil in the house.

Gac oil enhances the resistance for children

Gac oil contains many trace elements such as zinc, iron, cobon, selenium … help children increase red blood cells, strengthen the body’s resistance, support children to develop comprehensively, prevent viruses from entering the body, stay away from disease. Children are very mischievous, do not break this dish and stir up other things, so it is easy for bacteria to attack, so to protect them, give your child the right amount of Gac oil in their daily diet.

Limiting malnutrition, stunting for children with Gac oil

Not only rich in beta carotene and lycopene, in Gac oil also has abundant fat content, vitamin A and vitamin E. They are very good nutritional components for the absorption of sick, stunted babies. Gac oil is also an ideal solvent to help dissolve other vitamins, absorbed into the body better. In addition, the outstanding content of beta carotene in Gac oil also helps the baby’s skeletal system to grow, contributing significantly to the growth of the baby’s height.

Gac oil supplement helps develop baby’s brain

Besides, Gac oil is also a great source of Omega 3, Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid) and omega 9 (Oleic Acid). These nutrients help develop the complete nervous system, contribute to supporting the baby smarter. Especially good for pregnant and lactating mothers, infants and young children

The use of Gac oil for pregnant women

Stretch marks especially during pregnancy is a condition that almost every woman suffers. During pregnancy, hormones in the body when the mother is changed and body weight suddenly increases, making the skin unable to adapt. At this time, the connective tissue under the skin (which is the tissue made of collagen and elastin that helps the skin elastic) is suddenly stretched, excessive causing fractures and forming stretch marks. Plant lycopene in Gac oil has the effect of protecting the skin, nourishing the skin, enhancing elastic function, keeping the skin always young, smooth, limiting stretch marks.

Not only is skin care, Gac oil also repels illnesses during pregnancy, vitamin E in Gac oil has been neutralized, losing the effect of free radicals present in the body, contributing to favorable development. comprehensive fetus and reduce the rate of miscarriage or premature birth. After entering the body of Vitamin E in Gac oil is absorbed into the bloodstream and transferred to the fetus.

In addition, the micronutrient content in Gac oil also helps strengthen and protect the digestive system, the heart very well

Not only the pregnant mother, mothers after birth also receive many benefits when using Gac oil, in addition to fighting stretch marks, Gac oil also helps stimulate the development of new tissue layers to make the wound heal faster. Very good for treating burns, ulcers and nipples.

Gac helps prevent cancer

Gac also contributes a lot in medicine, through experiments and experiments, it was found that lycopene is a substance capable of inhibiting the formation of cancer cells very well. It is found abundantly in tomatoes and red fruits. However, US researchers have concluded that lycopene content in Gac fruit is 70 times more than tomatoes.

Recent findings also show that the content of protein in Gac has the effect of preventing, neutralizing the formation and development of cancer cells such as breast cancer, prostate cancer.

Good for cardiovascular effects

An important cause of cardiovascular disease is heart rhythm disorder. inflammation, helps stabilize the heartbeat and does not exceed abnormal levels that can be fatal

In addition, Omega-3 lowers blood pressure, improves blood vessel function, and with a high level of supply also helps reduce triglycerides, eases inflammation, prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

Gac oil has strong antioxidants that lower blood cholesterol, strengthen the walls, prevent atherosclerosis, help the body have a healthy circulatory system, it supports the heart, people with diabetes. , contributing to anti-stroke, enhance longevity.

Promote sexual health

Beta carotene (a precursor of vitamin A) in Gac oil is good for sexual health because vitamin A has a special effect in promoting the process of forming protein molecules that nourish the body.

Lack of vitamin A seriously affects the activities of sexual cell organizations in the production of sperm and eggs as well as changes in the structure of the genitals such as the vas deferens, prostate, uterus, ovaries …






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