Okra – Eating a few fruits a day, we will get many health benefits

Okra is a familiar food in many family meals. However, many people only consider this as a food that makes the meal menu richer without knowing its great benefits.

Eating okra every day effectively will make you lose time.

Okra has many different names such as corn, zucchini, which is a plant that can tolerate heat and drought well. Okra fruit is green, capsule shape is 20cm long and contains many seeds. In okra contains many nutrients such as fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C that are good for health and have the ability to cure a number of diseases.

1. Strengthen the immune system

Okra juice is especially good for the function of the immune system. The above effect comes from the substances contained in okra such as antioxidants, vitamin C and other essential minerals when absorbed will fight free substances, thereby helping to strengthen the immune system.

2. Prevention of lack of blood

For people suffering from ṃáᴜ deficiency disease, choosing okra as a daily dish is a reasonable choice. Okra contains vitamin K, folate and iron. These substances contribute to the increase in the number of cells in red blood cells, thereby preventing thiếuáᴜ deficiency.

3. Detoxifying the body

Fiber present in okra has the effect of eliminating toxins easily from the body. You can use detox okra every day to ensure your health.

4. Good for eyesight

Okra is rich in vitamins A, vitamin C, beta-carotene and lutein to help improve eyesight effectively. It effectively prevents cataracts and glaucoma.

5. Good for pregnant women

Folate, folic acid found in okra is extremely essential for healthy development of the fetus. In particular, folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects and other birth defects in the fetus.

6. Stable blood sugar

Drinking okra juice has the effect of reducing the amount of sugar in ṃáᴜ, helping to stabilize blood sugar

7. Good for bones

Okra helps bones strengthen bones, and support joint healing effectively. Vitamin K and folate are two important substances found in okra that help strengthen bones.

8. Cures cough and sore throat

Okra juice is used as a folk remedy for coughs and sore throats. Get the roots or leaves of the dried okra plants to drink or drink instead of tea, you will feel the remarkable effect that it brings.

9. Improve male physiology

Many studies show that, okra has the effect of improving the physiology of the gentleman. Okra contains polysaccharide complex glucide and other nutritional ingredients to enhance the flow of ṃáᴜ into the genital area, causing an erection for men.

10. Support treatment of stomach pain

The mucus inside the okra when entering the body will create a layer to protect the stomach lining from harmful agents, thereby helping to prevent pain effectively. At the same time, the active ingredient polysaccharides has a cleansing effect on the stomach, preventing the growth of Hp bacteria.

11. Skin beauty

Another effect of okra is to beautify the skin, this is an effect that women are interested in. Accordingly, vitamin C in okra helps to rejuvenate skin cells, making the skin smooth, healthy and beautiful.

12. Effective weight loss

Okra is also an effective weight loss food. The reason is that okra has almost no calories, so when you eat it, you will feel full and help keep shape and lose weight.

13. Treatment of asthma

Okra is used to prevent the development of asthma, derived from nutrients such as vitamin C, antioxidants, … that have the ability to effectively treat this disease.

14. Treatment of constipation

If the children are prone to constipation, parents can feed their children okra more often. This food stimulates bowel movements, helping to lubricate the intestines.

15. Reduce bad cholesterol

Thanks to the rich protein and fiber content, okra has the effect of reducing bad cholesterol, while preventing atherosclerosis.

16. Good for hair

If you want your hair to become shiny and smoother then okra is a perfect choice. The reason is that okra moisturizes the scalp and effectively prevents dandruff

17. Helps intestinal healthy development

Okra contains probiotics that help beneficial bacteria thrive in the intestinal tract, thereby supporting a healthy gut.

18. Supportive treatment of colon g g

In addition to supporting the treatment of stomach upset, okra also has the effect of supporting the treatment of colon g g. The fiber present in okra cleans the intestines, capable of removing harmful free radicals.

19. Good for the respiratory system

In addition to the okra, the leaves and flowers of this plant are used to treat pneumonia, bronchitis.

20. Cure sunstroke

On summer days, heatstroke is quite common. If you have sunstroke, eating okra will prevent you from exhaustion, avoiding fatigue more.

21. Detoxifies the skin

Another use of okra is to clean the skin from deep inside, reduce acne and other skin diseases like psoriasis, …

22. Prevent ulcers

Okra provides a temporary protective layer for the digestive tract, from there accelerates healing of peptic ulcers.

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