Mistakes At Dinner Are Silently Killing Your Family

According to many studies of scientists, there are quite a lot of dangerous diseases originating from the very unhealthy eating habits of families in the evening.

We often hear the saying “have breakfast for you, lunch for you and dinner for enemies”, but not everyone understands the meaning and follows it. Many families still maintain a very rich and hearty dinner habit because it is the only meal for the whole family to eat together and to “compensate” for a hard working day.

But few people know that, eating wrong wrong not only does not bring nutrition but will bring immeasurable harm to the body. Here are the dinner mistakes listed on the “blacklist” of scientists because of the harmful effects that it can cause to humans, please find out:

Dinner is too late

If you eat dinner too late, you will be sedentary and go to sleep always, when you sleep the body will start digesting food. Food not only accumulates in the abdomen, causing excess, but also urine retention in the bladder and urethra. And this is one of the reasons that crystals accumulate in the kidneys, which are long forming into kidney stones.

In addition, when you sleep, the speed of blood flow in your body will decrease, so if you eat too much energy-rich, protein or greasy food at dinner, these substances will be deposited in the walls of blood vessels, causing Shrinking vascular area increases blood pressure. This is also one of the main causes of arteriosclerosis.

If you often put your stomach to sleep, you are squeezing your liver, pancreas and internal organs to work through the night even when you sleep. And when the brain, which needs to rest after a long day, should work to promote the internal organs to work.

If this situation persists, the brain will be degraded because too much activity can lead to brain diseases such as forgetfulness, confusion …

Dinner with too much meat
Eating too much meat is always not good, especially at dinner, which increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In particular, barbecue is at the top of the list of carcinogens. In addition, dinner with too much barbecue, bacon not only provides less nutrition but also harms the digestive system.

If you regularly eat a high-meat diet, few vegetables and fruits are also likely to lead to obesity, weight gain, increased risk of breast cancer, rectal cancer and many other dangerous diseases.

Dinner is too full

Eating too much dinner is also the cause of many dangerous diseases, most noticeable is obesity, diabetes. Dinner is too full will cause excess glucose in the body, because the body does not produce enough insulin, and when this happens regularly will cause diabetes.

Even if you eat dinner too often, it can lead to other dangerous complications such as contributing to cancer, kidney stones, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and brain degeneration. Eating too much at dinner is easy for proteins to be completely undigested, depositing in the intestines and producing toxins.

In addition, going to bed while the stomach is still active makes the stomach’s contractions decrease, causing toxins to accumulate in the body, causing colon cancer.

Dinner with too many spicy dishes

Dinner with spicy spices like pepper, garlic, ginger, chili … can damage the digestive system, irritate the stomach, leading to heart palpitations, hot body, trouble sleeping or even insomnia. .

In addition, regularly eating dinner with spicy food for a long time also causes mouth heat, sore throat, constipation, even becoming the cause of bronchitis, chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis, ulcers stomach, duodenum …

Dinner with leftovers left from the previous day

Leftover dishes left over from the previous meal, especially cold rice, if not reused properly will produce a lot of nitrite, which can also become a cause of many dangerous diseases. When ingested, this substance combines with the amino acids available in the stomach to form nitrosamines – the main cause of cancer.

You should understand that, after only 6 hours stored in the refrigerator, food when heated will have a very strong increase in nitrite content. Specifically, nitrite in stir-fried vegetables will increase 16%, pork will increase 70%. This nitrite content even exceeds the warning level for contaminants. And after 18 hours stored in the refrigerator, nitrite levels in all foods are much higher than the warning levels.

Therefore, nutritionists always recommend that we do not store food for more than 5 hours in the refrigerator. Especially with seafood and high-protein foods, you should only eat them all at one meal and not to eat again the next day.

If you want to reuse the leftovers from the previous day, especially with meat dishes, you should only cook with heat for no more than 10 minutes or microwave it in just 1 minute to ensure health. for the whole family.



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