Is Drinking Honey Lemon Really Good For You?

Honey is an extremely nutritious food with rich nutritional ingredients and a solution to many diseases, and lemon is also considered an indispensable ingredient in everyday life. As a spice in dishes, it is also used as a benign medicine and helps the body.

These two types together will bring you a nutritious drink suitable for daily use, giving you a supple health and a good digestive system. In the following article we will learn about the effects of drinking honey lemonade as well as instructions on drinking honey lemonade to bring the best effect.

What Does Honey Lemon Juice Drink?

The uses of honey and lemon are not too unfamiliar to everyone, this is a mixture that many people love and use to solve many health problems and also have a beauty effect. For women, an issue is of most concern. So using lemon honey daily is a good habit that can be maintained to improve physique, give women a smooth skin and support for better functioning of body organs.

It may help you become more resistant to diseases that can be infected

In honey has antibacterial ingredients, is one of the effective cough remedies, especially when combined with lemon peach, it is a mixture to cure respiratory diseases like colds. And its effect is almost immediately visible when you just take a sip you will feel like the phlegm feels loosened and very quickly the phlegm in the throat will subside and the cough quickly goes away without using it. to antibiotics.

The lemon honey mixture is quite thick and it is usually used in small amounts and should not be used as often as honey is quite hot. However, when diluting honey with lemon with warm water, this is a very healthy drink. This is really a type of water that helps the body detox and gives the user many very good uses.

First of all, honey has hot properties, if used a lot, it will cause acne, but only a little mixed with warm water will make the body warmer and not cold or difficult digestion. , eating without digestion or having no appetite will also be blown away when using regular honey lemonade.

Normally, when the immune system is weak, bacteria easily penetrate and start to multiply and make us suffer from illnesses such as flu, cough or headache, dizziness, diarrhea, bloating, … but with lemon honey water every day you can repel these symptoms quickly.

Helps purify the body, reduce stress

Honey lemon juice can purify the body to help the body eliminate toxins, just mix a little honey and a few drops of lemon juice to help you detox effectively bring you a good digestive system. and keep you awake all day long. Using honey lemon juice every morning makes the digestive system work better, helps kill bad bacteria in the intestines and cleans the intestines, while helping to flush out toxins and make liver function more comfortable. than.

When you have enough energy and get rid of toxins in the body, the stress will not hold you for long and you will become more loving, not irritable and uncomfortable when tired and waking up. early in the morning too.

Effects make skin healthy

Lemon skin lightening effect along with honey has anti-bacterial acne treatment is a great duo when combined to help women with white, smooth and rosy skin.

Health protection for family members

A cup of honey in the morning is very simple and a good habit, you only need lemon, an easy and cheap food, honey and a cup of warm water. A few drops of lemon juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey and a little warm water will give you 1 glass of toxic wastewater.

But when mixing water, you need to pay attention to the amount of lemon juice and acidity in the water, because if the water is too acidic, it will stimulate the stomach and make the stomach release more gastric juice.

Drink Honey Lemon Juice Correctly?

Although the effects of drinking honey lemonade on human health are immense, though, we will need to take a little note of when to drink honey lemonade in the industry.

Use pure honey every morning

Honey has antibacterial effects and kills harmful bacteria, so using a little honey mixed with warm water and a few drops of lemon juice will purify the body, eliminate toxins and help the muscle. can be completely relaxed and have a healthy digestive system, helping you to both cleanse your body and stimulate cravings and have a more nutritious breakfast. Drinking a cup of warm honey lemon water every morning is a good habit that you should maintain if you want to have a healthy and balanced body.

Use raw honey after every evening meal

Dinner we are advised to eat light so that the digestive system works less and more stable after a long day of continuous activity, so you need a little honey to help digestion. easier, the wastes are eliminated faster, nutrients are absorbed better, reducing the number of contractions of the stomach and limiting gastric juice secretion leading to stomach disease.

If you have a slightly full dinner and eat a lot, you should drink a little honey water to make the digestive system work better, without the symptoms of bloating and causing abdominal pain when bloating. causing discomfort and insomnia at night.

Notes Related to Honey Lemon

When using honey lemonade you need to be aware of the following issues

Do not leave honey and lemon too long

The shelf life of honey is quite long, but some people have the opinion that honey can be kept for as long as possible and often buy it for reserve and leave it for year after month. But there is one thing to note that when there are signs of air bubbles in honey, that is when the honey is slowly degrading. Because the main ingredient of honey is more than 80% sugar, and sugar can absorb water and the environment in honey will be an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply and make nutrition in honey. bees are no longer valid.

Absolutely not in metal boxes

Especially in the process of preserving honey, absolutely should not store honey in metal jars or boxes. Since honey has a relatively small amount of acid but enough slats abrasive metal and cause them to leak and soak into the honey, once the metal leaks are seeped with the honey they will act and make the honey. Metamorphic bees can not be used, if used, they may have unwanted side effects or stomach pain, poisoning, …

Please pay attention to use the correct dosage

When mixing honey with lemon juice, it is advisable to add a small amount of about a teaspoon or half of honey because too much will make people with dangerous high blood pressure and normal people also have symptoms. shows high blood pressure and makes you have many negative effects.

Also, do not drink a cup of honey lemon juice with too much lemon in it, the ideal cup of water to detox should only be for 1 teaspoon of small honey and 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice. If we drink it too sour while we are hungry in the morning, the stomach will be irritated and the stomach disease will make you more upset. Long-term sour drinking will make the disease worse and easily lead to dangerous ulcers.

The best time to drink lemon juice honey tea is about 30 minutes after breakfast, now in our stomach we have a quantity of food and honey lemon mixture will help the digestive system work more efficiently. The detox functions also work in concert and make the body healthier.

In general, honey is a good nutrient for the body, but attention should be paid to the proper intake so that honey becomes an important nutrient for the body, not the cause of many other diseases. So use just enough honey, do not use too much in the hope of having some results within a day or two, because there is no magic bullet that can give such early results that are safe. with the whole body. In addition, you should also pay attention to how to preserve honey so that it does not degenerate and cause danger when used or does not bring any nutritional value to the body.

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