Indian mango leaves help treat diabetes for new patients

Amidst the many herbs that help with diabetes, Indian mango leaves emerge thanks to their superior effectiveness. This leaf not only helps to reduce fasting blood sugar but also reduces postprandial blood sugar, especially effective for people with new diabetes.

1. Indian mango leaves help diabetics live longevity
You might think the country with the longest life expectancy in the world is a place with the most modern health care such as the US or some European countries. However, it was a place we all did not expect: India.

According to research in Western countries, diabetics can prolong life after the onset of illness on average 8-10 years. Meanwhile, a study of 1,262 Indians showed that they could extend the life after diabetes diagnosis by an average of 18.6 years – almost double that of Western countries. So what’s their secret?

The secret to long-term diabetes is not the use of expensive drugs, nor the special methods, but the ancient medicine from the mango leaves.

With the largest mango growing area in the world, India has a tradition of using mango leaves as part of its daily life. People here consider mango leaves not only a sacred object that brings good luck in wedding ceremonies, decorating their homes every Tet, but also as a remedy used for many health purposes.

For thousands of years, Indian people have used mango leaves to treat diabetes through a variety of methods: from craft such as drinking fresh mango tea leaves, ground them into a powder, to a more modern dosage form than essences. Concentrated mango leaves.

2. The effect of mango leaves helps stabilize blood sugar
Scientists at many major Indian research centers have questioned the true effects of mango leaves. To find the answer, they did extensive research on Indian mango leaves with real results that surprised them.

The Center for Biotechnology (Anna University, India) has discovered two valuable compounds in mango leaves, 3beta-taraxenol and Mangiferin, which help to reduce and stabilize blood sugar effectively, through direct impact on cause of diabetes.

The study also showed that compared to mango leaves grown in other countries, mango leaves grown in India have a much more concentrated concentration. That’s why concentrated Indian mango leaves form a 10-times-better glycemic stabilizing effect compared to the traditional way of using a traditional red-decoction.

3. How To Use Mango Leaves To Cure Diabetes
Method 1: Take about 5 young mango leaves, cut the fibers and put in a cup, pour boiling water in and leave overnight. Every morning, drink this glass of mango leaf juice and discard the dead.

Method 2: In rare urban areas, you can save it by drying the leaves in the shade until dry, grinding them into flour in the morning and afternoon, each half a teaspoon each of diluted mango leaf powder. with a full glass of water.

Note: Because this remedy helps to reduce blood sugar very effectively, it should be noted not to apply many times a day because it can cause blood sugar to fall too low causing hypoglycemia very dangerous.

Do not drink mango leaf juice close to other medicines, preferably taken about 2-3 hours apart so as not to affect the absorption of other treatment drugs.

Finally, mango leaves are not a remedy that can replace other curative medicines. Mango leaves are only considered as a supportive method of diabetes treatment.




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