Health benefits and weight loss when eating brown rice

Brown rice has recently emerged as a very healthy food. However, many people still do not understand this food well and its use. So what’s the effect of brown rice? Invite you to refer to the article information below.

What effect does brown rice have on health?

Brown rice is a type of rice that has a coating on it after it has been removed. Brown rice is rich in nutrients such as protein, starch, B vitamins, fat, fiber and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc. Therefore, brown rice has many health benefits such as:

Anti-free radicals

The brown pulp of brown rice has about 120 typical antioxidants such as proanthocyanidinoligomeric, CoQ10, gamma-oryzanol, alpha-lipoic acid, tocotrienol and tocopherol, SOD, IP6, selenium, glutathione, carotenoids, lycopene and lutein, etc. That brown rice has a great effect in fighting free radicals, protecting the attack of these types of roots, so you can avoid aging, reduce the risk of cancer and other harmful effects.

What does brown rice do for diabetes?

Recent studies have shown that brown rice in particular is the brown lead layer of brown rice, which helps control and balance the blood glucose level of people with diabetes. In addition, hemoglobin will be glycosylated, overcome insulin synthesis in people with type I and type II diabetes.

Prevent cardiovascular disease, reduce cholesterol
The composition of brown rice plays a very important role in fighting platelet aggregation, and is effective in minimizing cholesterol and triglycerides.

Specifically, brown rice helps boost HDL-cholesterol (good) and LDL-cholesterol (bad), which regulates the body’s intake of cholesterol and fat. At the same time, brown rice also stimulates the excretion of cholesterol, fat and strong acids, while promoting lowering blood pressure and triglyceride levels, helping to prevent platelet aggregation.

In addition, brown rice also contains Coenzyme Q10 which also has a good effect on cholesterol, blood pressure and improves the activity of the heart muscle, keeping the heart rate at a stable level. Thereby limiting the risk of stroke or stroke.

Enhance the function of the immune system

The sterols and sterols in brown rice have a very good support for the immune system in the body. They help reduce the number of bacteria that have two, destroy viruses, limit the risk of cancer and slow down the aging process. Scientific studies show that these two components of brown rice can also help people with HIV control their disease well, without complicating it into AIDS.

Preventing cancer

The content of tocotrienol and polyphenols in brown rice is very high, they help limit the development of micro-phase 1 enzymes. In addition, the lipoprotein fraction of brown rice also helps minimize the production of adverse cells that adversely affect the body.

In addition, the IP6 component in brown rice is also one of the substances with strong anti-cancer effects, they hinder the formation and development of tumor cells in liver and intestinal cancer.

Purification of the liver

The compound in brown rice has been shown to have the detoxifying effect caused by alpha Lipoic acid, which is great for liver purification as well as for effective treatment of cirrhosis. In addition, this active ingredient is also used to treat fungal poisoning, metal poisoning, etc.

Brown rice helps improve the digestive system

Eating brown rice regularly and properly helps to provide adequate fiber intake for the body, thereby helping to improve digestive system function, avoiding digestive disorders for all ages.

So can eating brown rice lose weight?

Eating brown rice can not lose weight? This question has received a lot of questions from people. Brown rice is considered to be the essence of belly fat, and is a source of miraculous starch for the body. However, unlike regular rice, the fatter you eat, the brown rice helps you get a surprisingly slender physique.

Brown rice bran characteristic of brown rice, which contains more than 90% of nutrients mainly vitamins and trace elements in each grain of rice. In addition, brown rice contains twice as much fiber as regular rice. After the body absorbs brown rice makes you feel full for a long time, while limiting the energy intake to help you lose weight better.

In addition, brown rice is found with alpha lipoic acid involved in the conversion of fat and hydrocarbons, while turning the body’s stored fat into energy and releasing it. The nutrients found in brown rice will help you reduce hunger and manage body weight through regulating glucose, intestinal detoxification and boosting your metabolism.

The note when losing brown rice

  • Brown rice as well as other grains, so in the diet need to add other food groups such as vitamins, minerals …
  • Only eat brown rice 2-3 times a week because hard brown rice if eaten much will affect the digestive function of the body.
  • Brown rice is not a weight loss food, it is only a supportive function. So in addition to this diet, you need to combine a scientific exercise regime so that weight loss does not affect health.

Hopefully, through this article, you will soon build a menu of brown rice weight loss. Wishing you soon stature muscular body!

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