Green beans and its great use

Green beans are one of the popular cereal grains that are no stranger to Vietnamese people. Green beans are sweet, fishy, ​​welding, non-toxic, can solve hundreds of poisons, cool the liver, brighten eyes, lower blood pressure, beautiful skin …

More and more scientific researches have shown the positive effects of green beans on human health. Therefore, today green beans are dubbed the “Food of the Future”.

Green beans originate from tropical countries so far the specific address is unknown. The plant belongs to the vertical growing herb type, about 50cm high. The pods are cylindrical, slender and hairy, containing many short, cylindrical seeds, near spherical, green, yellow intestine with germ in the middle. Dried green peas are used as food, processing dishes such as sticky rice, porridge, tea, cake, making pieces, nutritious cereal or sprouting sprout as bean sprouts.

Green beans are widely consumed in Asian countries such as China, Thailand, India, … and Vietnam.

Among the common types of beans used, perhaps green beans are most used by people because they are easy to find, use for many purposes and bring a variety of benefits. The effect of green beans when used as a food, remedies provide fiber, many essential minerals such as iron, magnesium, manganese and vitamins A, K, C …

Nutrition facts of green beans in 100g:

– Energy: 131 kJ (31 kcal)

– Carbohydrates: 6.97 g

– Fiber: 2.7 g

– Fat: 0.22 g

– Protein: 1.83 g

– Vitamin A: 35 mcg

– Thiamine: 0.082 mg

– Riboflavinl: 0.104 mg

– Niacin: 0.734 mg

– Pantothenic acid: 0.225 mg

– Vitamin B6: 0.141 mg

– Folic acid: 33 mcg

– Vitamin C: 12.2 mg

– Vitamin K: 14.4 mcg

– Calcium: 37 mg

– Iron: 1.03 mg

– Magnesium: 25 mg

– Manganese: 0.216 mg

– Phosphorus: 38 mg

– Potassium: 211 mg

– Zinc: 0.24 mg

– Fluoride: 19 mcg

Uses of green beans

Effective gout treatment with green beans

According to Oriental medicine, green beans have the effect of clearing heat from detoxification, eliminating annoying heat, reducing swelling, regulating five organs, cooking healthy foods and eliminating heat diseases. Green bean shells are not toxic, effective cooling heat, used to treat acne, boils …

How to treat gout with folk remedies with green beans: green beans leave the skin intact, simmer (without adding spices). The ill person eats a bowl of rice instead of rice in the morning, after waking up; Eat a bowl at night before going to bed. The patient should maintain such a diet for 30 days continuously. pain once a day instead).

Green beans help the heart

Mung beans can help reduce the risk of heart disease due to their high flavonoid content. Flavonoids are polyphenolic antioxidants commonly found in fruits and vegetables. They have antioxidant properties with certain anti-inflammatory properties. Through experiments, the scientists said green beans help fight blood clots, prevent blood clots in arteries and veins.

Mung beans help boost the immune system

If you eat a cup of cooked green porridge daily, you can boost your immune system, lower your cholesterol by 20% in 3 weeks, and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and blood pressure by 40%.

The fiber in green beans also has the ability to eliminate toxins in the body, thus helping to prevent colon cancer.

Green beans are good for diabetes and weight loss

Mung beans are also a good source of soluble fiber. This substance passes through the digestive tract, removing excess fat and removing it from the body before absorption, especially cholesterol.

Therefore, green beans help fat people curb appetite and reduce the amount of dangerous fat for the body. At the same time green beans help stabilize blood sugar after meals, so it is good for people with diabetes.

Mung beans reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer

Green pea pods contain many active ingredients belonging to the flavonoid group, which inhibits the growth of cancer cells, especially reducing the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Prevention of colon cancer

Did you know that green beans contain lots of lipids, glucides, protides that are good for antioxidants? The yellow kernels contain coumestrol – a polyphenol that is 50 times more effective against free radicals than vitamin E and 20 times higher than vitamin C.

Recent studies have shown that using green beans or preparations are beneficial for preventing precancerous polyps that often lead to bowel cancer.

Nurture the fetus

The folic acid found in mung beans plays an important role in the development of babies’ heart, brain and respiratory system. At the same time, folic acid also works to prevent the risk of neural tube defects in the fetus. However, pregnant women should avoid eating sprouts because there are many bacteria in the sprouts that can cause infection

Reduce anxiety, stress, fight depression

The composition of mung beans contains folate and antioxidants like carotenoids and flavonoids that are actively involved in reducing stress, stress and depression in humans. The effect of mung beans on mental health has been confirmed.

Helps heat, detox

The main components are protit, starch, fat and fiber, it contains Vitamin E, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, precursor vitamin A, vitamin K, folic acid and minerals including Ca, Mg, K, Na … detoxifying effect, lowering swelling, regulating viscera, treating boils, both tonic and cool. Eastern medicine has long considered green beans as an ingredient and remedy for cooling the body.

Improve eyesight

The carotene found in mung beans can prevent macular degeneration – the cause of vision loss and eye function. Lutein and zeaxanthin, which are concentrated in the macula on the eye, play a key role in preventing any pressure on the inner workings of the eye.

Help strengthen bones

Did you know green beans are a good source of vitamin K? In addition, another mineral, calcium found in mung beans, is indispensable in preventing osteoporosis and osteoporosis.

Silicon is not a common mineral and its content is not much. However, mung beans are an excellent source of silicon, which helps in bone regeneration and overall bone health.

Just the effects of green beans mentioned above are enough to prove that green beans are indispensable in our lives. Use green beans daily to improve health, beauty for yourself and those around you. However, mung beans can cause some side effects if used incorrectly. Therefore, the use of green beans in special cases should consult with a doctor, dietitian to use the right dosage and processing.

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