Great benefits when using aloe vera

Nowadays aloe vera is known as a “natural cosmetic” used to beautify, help girls lighten and prevent acne. However, the use of aloe vera does not stop here, for a long time, the use of aloe vera has been mentioned a lot in traditional oriental medicine books.

The use of aloe vera

Clear: Aloe vera is a natural remedy capable of detoxifying the body. In case you regularly eat hot food, adding water or aloe vera tea to the weekly menu will help the body cleanse effectively.

Assists digestion: Separate the outer layer of leaves, then use a spoon to take the aloe vera gel. Using a few spoons can help solve constipation problems because aloe vera helps bring the necessary bacteria into the intestine to stimulate bowel movement, thereby curing constipation. Aloe vera can also help you lose weight and boost immunity.

Because it takes a lot of time to digest, aloe vera uses up energy so it’s easy to lose weight. Aloe vera juice also helps regulate the body’s immune system and helps detoxify because it contains many important antioxidants.

Strengthen resistance: Drinking aloe vera water regularly will help you maintain a healthy weight, while providing important vitamins and minerals for the body. Aloe vera does not make you fatter but helps you maintain the energy source for the body to function.

Skin care: The mucus in gel (meat) of aloe vera can moisten, moisturize the skin, help the skin elastic and reduce wrinkles.

Their gel also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, helping to prevent the damage of aging skin. In the process of skin care, this gel works to tighten pores and reduce acne effectively.

In folklore, aloe vera is a very effective natural skin healing remedy. When applied to the skin with a layer of gel, burns, blisters, insect bites and rashes will quickly recover.

If you have to be constantly exposed to sunlight, the skin will become burning and uncomfortable. With just a little bit of aloe vera will help you quickly regain a cooling sensation for the skin.

Prevent eye strain: Eyes tired, have dark circles, heavy eyelids, .. these aloe vera problems can help you well. Just use an aloe vera branch, peel off the outer green crust and then apply the meat to the eyes, lie down within 15 minutes.

The aloe vera juice has a soothing, pleasant eye effect. After a while, the dark area around the eyes will diminish. You should use this gel every night before going to bed to combat eye fatigue.

Antibacterial effect: Recent studies have demonstrated aloe vera gel to have antiseptic and anesthetic properties. Used to disinfect, clear heat, urinate. Soothe wounds when lightened, when stung by an insect.

Emulsion made from aloe vera is used to make medicines to treat Eczema or impetigo, which quickly pulls young skin in the wound. Fresh aloe vera juice has antibacterial properties (in vitro).

Laxative, laxative effects: In ancient times. From Hypocrate to Hai Thuong Lan Ong has known about the characteristics of laxative, liver laxative, aurora meridians.

– Low dose: 20-50mg dried Aloe resin with bitter tonic properties, spleen and laxative.

– Medium dose: 100mg (3-5 fresh leaves): Antiseptic intestinal, menopause, laxative, laxative.

– High dose: 200-500mg (10-20 leaves): strong drop.

Treatment of gastric ulcer: Drink fresh aloe vera gel. Every few hours a tablespoon of fresh gel on an empty stomach without food will heal stomach ulcers (not to exceed 400mg of fresh gel / day).

Treating skin diseases: Aloe vera juice works to tighten the skin and reduce pores. Applying fresh gel daily to the face can prevent melasma, smooth skin, prevent acne …

Prevention of urolithiasis: Anthraquinones combine calcium ions in the urinary tract into soluble compounds to expel in the urine.

Aloe vera brings many health benefits, which is why you should plant a few aloe vera pots in your home garden and eat them more often. With aloe vera, you just need to peel, take the jelly inside to cook aloe vera juice to drink, or make aloe tea, aloe vera smoothie, … change many ways of processing to have a chance to eat aloe vera. than without being bored.

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