Foods that are bad dangerous to the body

Here are 7 foods that are harmful to health that you should not eat too much, let’s find out to ensure the best health before it’s too late.

1. Sugar: The top health food

Sugar is the top health food, especially beauty. These foods that are harmful to skin cause your blood sugar to rise, leading to an excess of insulin and androgens – a major reason why your body has an excess of sebum, causing acne.

They not only make you more susceptible to weight gain, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, but also bring negative effects to the skin such as tightening the skin, increasing wrinkles, dull skin.

In addition, American researchers warn that eating too much sugar can slow down human brain function.

2. Carbonated beverages

Carbonated drinks are a nightmare for your skin. True, you are a successful, luxurious lady and the party is a place you must visit often, but you need to know one thing that carbonated drinks are the culprit that wreaks havoc on your skin very quickly. .

They cause your skin to become dry, creating wrinkles around the eyes, the corners of the lips, and the forehead. One thing is for sure, the more you load into your body, the faster you will age, the skin will age quickly even if you use skin creams.

Carbonated drinks can cause your bladder to overactive, making it harder to control your bladder and it is more likely to “leak” urine or urinate out of control.

3. Processed foods

Refined and processed canned foods such as canned meats, smoked meats, canned fruits, and canned fruit juices are low-fiber, high-sugar foods.

Not only that, they contain a lot of preservatives, but if you take them into your body, your skin will suffer first. So instead of eating canned or processed foods, choose fresh foods.

Due to the high amount of sugar, salt, fat and preservatives … processed foods are considered the ‘culprits’ of cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, and even cancer.

4. Red meat: a common health hazard

If you’re tailoring a menu for yourself that includes red meat, reconsider. Red meat contains extremely high levels of saturated fat, which will make your body fat.

Eating a lot of red meat will make you more likely to develop heart disease. Science has proven that eating a lot of red meat will increase blood cholesterol and diabetes. This you will feel the most clearly through your dull skin.

5. Trans fats

Excess heat application such as frying and frying foods leads to the oxidation of fatty acids and the destruction of antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin E and omega-3 fats found in oils / fats.

Therefore, if you regularly eat these foods, they will make you more likely to have atherosclerosis, your skin will quickly age. The more you limit trans fat-rich foods, the brighter and more vibrant your skin will be. So stay away from these unhealthy foods.

6. Food is too salty

Skin structure will be severely damaged if you overuse the salt. Salted meats, pickles, salted foods, canned products are potential skin-harmful food sources that can cause your body to accumulate salt.

Salt is one of the factors that promote and activate the factors that adversely affect the skin. Not only diseases such as: heart disease, blood pressure … but eating excessively “excessively” will form wrinkles on the skin.

When you eat too much salt, the more sodium ions disrupt the skin’s balance leading to the dehydration of cells, especially skin cells. The skin becomes dry, loses its elasticity, accelerates the aging process, the skin becomes swollen and less vibrant.

Eating a lot of salt is a dangerous cause of high blood pressure, increasing the burden on the heart and kidneys, causing inflammation of the trachea and worsening intestinal diseases …

7. Drink plenty of caffeine

Caffeine is found in a number of products such as tea, coffee, and chocolate and are considered to be unhealthy. Many people use this drink in the hope of making the mind clear and alert to work, but if used too much, they will create major side effects such as dehydration in the body, making the heart beat faster, Increased blood pressure, a disorder of sugar metabolism in the body …

In addition to the side effects of headaches, drinking a lot of caffeine also causes the skin to become irritated, red and wrinkled because it causes the skin to become dehydrated. In addition, an unscientific diet is also a cause of ‘ruined’ skin.

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