Choosing yogurt is good for health

Currently on the market there are many types of yogurt, but not all are good for your health, suitable for your health situation. To help you choose the best yogurt for you.

How to choose yogurt according to the ingredients table

– Food color: you need to pay attention to the food color and the additives. Usually yogurt drink often contains lots of sugar and additives. For example, Carrageenan is extracted from red seaweed – a thickener in yogurt that can cause allergies or indigestion.

– Sugar: When evaluating the nutrients in yogurt, consider the sugar content on the label. Traditional yogurts often have natural sugars from lactose and fruits, so don’t worry. But cane sugars or chemical sugars such as Aspartame and Sucralose need to be considered.

Most fruit-flavored yogurts are often bogus, but only flavored. It is best to choose yogurt smaller than 15g / serving and high in protein.

Compare popular yogurts

– Greek yogurt: this type of milk is dense, high in protein (14 – 16 g / small box). Because it is dehydrated, the amount of calcium and minerals decreases.

– Yogurt from cow’s milk: this yogurt provides 6 – 8 g of protein / 140 – 170 g of protein, besides it contains calcium and vitamins B. Yogurt made from cow’s milk contains less lactose than milk. beef because most of it has been used during fermentation. This means that a person with a lactose allergy can also use it because it is better than cow’s milk.

– Yogurt from goat milk: this milk has the same protein, calcium and fat content as cow’s milk but with a higher price.

– Yogurt from soy milk: Its protein level is equal to yogurt from cow’s milk, bringing good, unsaturated fat. In addition it also reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, lowers blood sugar for patients with diabetes.


– Drinking yogurt: this is a yogurt contains many fermented bacteria, beneficial for the digestive system, beautiful skin, good for health. However, should drink in moderation. If the dose is too high, it will cause diarrhea, acute pancreatitis headache, more dangerous than death.

The advice for you when choosing yogurt to eat every day is to listen to your body, choose a yogurt that tastes, meets your nutritional needs and is suitable for your health. Wish you have the smartest choice.


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