5 negative effects on health if you sleep right after lunch.

Here are 5 unhealthy health effects if you sleep right after lunch. After eating should rest for 15 minutes, light exercise is best.
1. Gastric damage

When you have finished lunch, to digest blood food needs to rush back to the stomach. So, if you take a nap immediately, the activity of pushing the blood to the stomach will be stopped, making the food unable to digest completely, multiplying bacteria that attack the stomach, causing indigestion, bloating, etc.

2. Heart damage:

Stomach will enlarge after eating. If you take a nap right now, your stomach will press down on the diaphragm, causing the heart muscle to squeeze and hinder it.

3. Acid reflux:

The stomach is damaged, does not produce enough acid to digest food, reduces the function of contraction and digestion, leading to food from the stomach reflux up into the esophagus.

4. Esophagitis

In the process of stomach digesting food, acid will be produced. If sleeping after eating triwa will make the lower esophageal sphincter, opening and closing abnormally, allowing acid to reflux into the esophageal tube, causing ulcers, even causing dangerous complications such as real cancer. governing.

5. Increased risk of stroke:

According to research by the Greek University, going to bed right after eating can increase the risk of stroke. Of the 500 participants, 250 had had a stroke and 250 were diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome. In conclusion, people who have long periods of sleep after meals have a very low risk of stroke.

Things to remember to change the above situation:
– Limit the habit of doing notes, working separately. Because it will limit the time to eat and have lunch.

– Lunch must be of sufficient quality, so give priority to green vegetables and easily digested food.

– Eat slowly chew carefully to support the digestive process takes place faster.

– After lunch, should rest at least 15 minutes to nap.

– After eating, should stand up, walk, gentle exercise to improve and protect the digestive system.



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