Train speed and strength by climbing stairs

Climb stairs twice a week to help runner train large muscle groups, increase speed and strength.

Strong muscles, endurance, knowing how to control heart rate … help athletes play stably and explode in the sprint stage. According to marathon experts, runners should exercise speed and strength by climbing stairs twice a week.

The benefits of stair climbing

According to Very Well Fit, this is a simple but effective exercise, which works directly on large muscles such as glutes, front thigh muscles and calves.

Climbing stairs with tachycardia is classified as a plyometric exercise (short-term maximum force impact, rapid stretch and contraction of muscles). With this method, the runner body is forced to resist gravity, thereby building strength.

Many stairs are steeper than hills, when running up and down, the heart beats, respiration faster. Therefore, the more you train, the more the runner improves the VO2max (the maximum amount of oxygen that can be used during intense exercise).

In 2005, research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that climbing stairs five days a week, performed continuously for eight weeks, helped women improve VO2max by 17%. .

Another work published in the BMJ Open Diab Research & Care magazine in 2016 also emphasized: walking up and down stairs about 3 minutes after eating 60-180 minutes can reduce blood sugar in people with diabetes. type 2.

Where to climb the stairs

Athletes often practice this exercise at the stadium, while runners can climb stairs in parks or high-rise buildings. If you can’t find the perfect place to train, you can also try climbing steep hills.

Note that Runner is not to be confused with using the Stair climbing or the elliptical machine. Practical exercises require people to focus on controlling their bodies and impacting more muscles.

“You don’t have to go to the gym or buy an expensive machine yourself, just find a good staircase is enough,” the Very Well Fit page emphasizes.

How to climb the stairs

Runner that has not done this type of exercise before, should start slowly, increasing in time and intensity. Accordingly, need to warm up thoroughly before starting, walk quickly on the plane for 5-10 minutes to circulate blood and warm up.

Runner also avoids climbing stairs at high speed during the first few practice sessions, instead walking step by step, keeping her head up, eyes looking ahead. On the third week, you can run or do two steps at a time. It is necessary to maintain 10 consecutive going up and down times depending on the length of the stairs. Usually, one exercise takes 20-30 minutes.

The Very Well Fit page advises not to apply this method more than twice a week, and should be supplemented on the day of intense exercise or alternate exercise.

What happens when you go downstairs

According to research presented at a scientific conference of the American Heart Association in 2004, downstairs is considered a break, helping runner regain breath. However, this process also puts more strain on the knees and ankles when going up. Accordingly, touching the ground stronger after each step, leading to muscle contraction – the cause of pain after exercise. Therefore, if you have serious knee problems, climbing stairs is not the right exercise.

Experts recommend that runner should consult a doctor before practicing this method, stop if feeling pain or other signs of injury.


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