The time of exercise helps “lose weight” the fastest day

Exercise is good for health, especially this is the main method to lose weight quickly. But when is the fastest time to exercise to “lose weight” during the day?

Exercise times help you lose weight quickly

Want to lose weight quickly, should choose the following time to exercise:

Afternoon exercise

Researchers from the Department of Neurology, Northwestern University (USA) have come up with an idea that is completely against the traditional conception. Accordingly, the most ideal time for weight loss training is the late afternoon, about 4h – 6h. “The reason is because this is the time when muscle strength is at its peak so there is less risk of getting hurt. In addition, this is also the time when people are most alert and flexible.

Many experts in the study of the body’s biological habits also believe that the ability of the human to change according to a 24-hour biological cycle. In which circadian rhythms regulate body temperature is an important determinant of motor performance. Specifically, in the afternoon, body temperature increases by more than one to 2 degrees compared to the morning, helping the muscles elastic, more flexible, reducing the risk of injury.

In the winter, the elderly should exercise in the evening

In the morning, when body temperature is high, blood pressure increases, adrenal hormones also increase many times. For the elderly, the adaptability is less sensitive, if you wake up early and exercise vigorously immediately, it is easy to lead to the risk of cardiovascular events.

So if you are over the age of 50 and still want to lose weight, pay attention to wake up at 6 am, light exercise. The most appropriate time to exercise is 17-18h, especially in the winter.

These times should not exercise to lose weight

No light has not exercised yet

Morning exercise is great for the body, which is unquestionable. In the early morning, the body’s metabolism is stronger than in the evening (the time when the body needs quiet rest).

However, if you take advantage of too much time to “squeeze”, even exercising when it’s too early, about 4-5 am, at this time it is still dark and not good for health. Specifically, at this time, there is no sunlight yet, so the tree is still in the process of metabolism, “inhaling” oxygen and releasing carbonic gas so the tree will not only “fight” for oxygen with you but also makes it hard to breathe because of the toxic carbonic hit.

In addition, the morning mist also has an adverse effect on your health. For people with a history of asthma or allergies should be more cautious at this time. Scientists recommend that you should only exercise in the morning after 6 o’clock, but if it is in the morning, it can be morning after 5 o’clock.

Do not exercise after eating

Do you think exercising right after eating it will help burn off the energy you just burned as well as the extra fat effectively? The answer is no.

When eating, the body will give priority to the digestion of food, so blood is concentrated in the stomach much. If you exercise immediately after a meal, it will cause the blood to disperse to the peripheral organs as well as the muscles that lead to delayed digestion. Not to mention due to mechanical effects, strong exercise will hinder the digestive process of the stomach, long-term cause stomach pain.

In addition, the digestive process also limits the movement of the body so the practice of losing weight at this time is not effective as expected.

In summary, exercise is good for your health, but if done incorrectly and at the right time, it will backfire. If you are in the process of losing weight, pay attention to exercise in the late afternoon, combining a healthy diet, plenty of green vegetables for the fastest and safest results.

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