[Video] The secret to on jumping rope to lose weight

Currently, there are many methods to lose weight but it can cost you a lot of time or money. With skipping weight loss 30 minutes a day, it saves you a lot of money and time for weight loss, your biceps and calves will be slim and excess body fat will be released. By making more sweat during exercise, blood sugar in your body will be more stable.

Here, Vietnamese Pharmacy will analyze and advise you how to jump rope to lose weight how is the best way. Research of scientists on jumping rope to lose weight
According to scientists about skipping weight for 30 minutes helps the body burn 450 calories, jumping rope continuously for 10 minutes is equivalent to running 30 minutes or 20 minutes sports dancing. In other studies, sports experts say doing 80-100 beats / minute is equivalent to running 10 km or cycling 30 km / h.


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