Simple exercises to help you lose weight after birth

After the birth of the woman, the body is still like being in pregnancy, so hastily losing weight in the form of diet, liposuction, taking medicine with the desire to regain body shape as when it was still lipstick. Young but the results are not as desired.

Losing weight so quickly has a huge impact on the health of both mother and child. To help mothers caring for their babies to lose weight easily, while ensuring nutrition for their babies, please reveal gentle, simple exercises that bring unexpected effects to mothers who want to lose weight after giving birth. These exercises are really effective as well as toning your muscles after a sedentary pregnancy.

1. Boot on carpet (Bottom up)

  • To do this exercise, all you need is a mat to be able to comfortably lie down to practice.
  • The first exercise is a warm-up exercise on the floor to help you get ready for the next exercise.
  • You just need to lie face down on the carpet, hands up to the front. Create a comfortable position and find a way to do it in the easiest way. What you need to do now is to bring your legs up and slowly slowly lower them down.
  • Perform continuously, steadily within 20 beats.

2. Exercises to help reduce fat in the hips
This exercise will help mothers soon have a firm and slim round 3.

Keep your arms and elbows on the ground, and your feet together in parallel. If it is difficult, you can put another hand on the floor. For extra effect, keep your hands behind your head.

This exercise not only affects the hips, but works well even with the same upper and lower waist. Now, let’s see the effect of this exercise.

  • For the first beat, put his hands on his head.
  • Second beat, bring one leg up, straighten the leg, then drop …
  • Perform this movement continuously for 20 beats.

3. Standing exercise (Sliding)
This exercise will be very effective for reducing excess fat in the body, burning calories quickly, especially reducing thigh fat, as well as the upper abdomen of the mother after childbirth.
Switch to standing position, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, slowly lower the center of gravity, let your hands touch the ground. Then get up and move your legs to the side, changing sides continuously. Do this 20 times for this exercise

4. Simultaneous exercise sequence of weight loss movements
First, you stand at an angle, your legs bunch up and stand straight. Step right foot to the right, left hand touching the ground. Back to the starting position, keeping the thighs moving fast.

  • Next, right foot step back, left hand touch the ground.
  • Return to the original position, perform this movement beautifully and quickly 20 times offline!

5. Exercise combines parts of the body
Prepare, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms on your hips or swing your arms in rhythm.

Do it, pinch your feet, swing and jump, spread your legs over your shoulders when you are on the ground, and work them out until you are tired. Then hold still, take a deep breath, then stand straight up.

Practice the slow to fast motion to help you get used to it.

So we have completed the weight loss exercises for postpartum women. I wish you soon regain slim waist and always keep the best health to take care of the baby!

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