Riding on the bike helps to lose weight, boost happy hormones

Cycling is a useful exercise that NHS (British National Health Organization) encourages many people to do. However, if you are afraid to go to the road or you do not have enough time for a sightseeing bike ride, consider cycling indoors.

You can cycle alone in the house, choose the level of cycling depending on your health condition. However, most people will choose to attend a cycling class in a group home so that the joy and excitement are multiplied many times.

Indoor cycling classes are an activity often organized for a group of people to practice in the indoor gym instead of cycling outdoors. The type of bicycle used is a stationary bike instead of a regular bike.

The indoor cycling exercises are challenging, and also great. The benefit that cycling on the spot brings is to lose weight, improve your endurance and strength. These benefits will be enhanced when you combine with cardio exercises and other resistance. However, with only individual exercise on the spot, you will also gain the following benefits.

1. Effects of spot cycling: Enhancing happy hormones

Remember the great feeling when you looked at your bank account on payday? The feeling of happiness, warmth, thinking that you are rich (even if it may be only for a few hours or a short day)? That’s when your body releases good endorphins into your blood and helps you feel good about everything. Exercise will also produce the same effect.

If you don’t believe you, get on a bike right away, take a cycling class on the spot. You will easily see that after practicing, you are happier before the training session starts.

This is explained by the fact that when the body moves, endorphins are released, interact with receptors in the brain and stimulate a positive feeling in your body. When you leave the classroom, your body is broken but your mind is at its peak.

This feeling can be addictive and make you want to go back to class regularly. This is also the reason why exercise helps us avoid depression as well as other negative mental health conditions such as stress.

2. Minimize injuries
Cycling on the spot is a suitable exercise when you need to recover from an injury or surgery or you simply need to do it more gently than usual. The benefits of on-the-spot cycling exercises will reduce the pressure on the hips, knees and knee joints and ankles more than exercises like jogging.

You will still have great workouts, but since this is a stationary bike ride, you just need to sit still on the bike and pedal, no need to worry about having to collide with others leading to injuries. Because you don’t need to worry about other issues, you can focus on your work and reach your goals.

Bike modes and exercises can be tailored to fit your abilities and goals. Adjusting your own regimen also restricts injuries and overtraining leads to self-harm.

3. Enhance cardiovascular health, an effect of cycling on the spot
A healthy heart is when the heart, blood cells and lungs supply enough oxygen and blood to the cells in the body and transmit it to the muscles, helping to create energy for the body to function. Basically, the more we practice the health of the heart, the healthier our body is and the prevention of heart disease.

Indoor biking is a great way to improve heart health. It is similar to other forms of cardio, like running and swimming, which promotes a faster heartbeat and better blood circulation. However, unlike the above types of exercise, cycling exercises are even more ideal for those who want to practice cardio but do not want to put more pressure on the knee joints.

A small study in 2017, done with high school girls, showed that the benefits of cycling on the spot even helped improve physical fitness better than cycling outdoors.

4. Strengthen muscles in legs and core muscles
One of the effects of cycling on the spot is that it helps you build muscle not only in the lower body but also in the core. That’s because when you’re cycling indoors, the upper body must be in sync with the lower body. The movement in the position of the abdominal muscles, from side to side continuously when cycling will impact on the core and the muscles along the sides.

Needless to say, you probably know how important a core muscle is to keeping your body upright. Muscles are usually heavier than fat, so you will be confused when you see your body less rough, but when you weigh, the weight will move up. Therefore advises you not to be too concerned about the weight, but to see how your body has changed.

When you have more muscle, the burning of energy will increase and help you lose weight faster. Keep in mind that calorie burning still happens after you’re done exercising and resting.

5. The effect of cycling on the spot: Burning excess energy and weight loss
According to Harvard Health, an hour of cycling at medium speed will help you burn about 420-622 calories. Meanwhile, an hour of Hatha yoga helps you burn from 240–356 calories. Compare that to how you can enjoy the benefits of cycling indoors.

That’s when you’re cycling at an average pace, imagine how many calories you can burn when exercising at a higher intensity? Every week, you only need to practice 3 sessions, you will immediately see your body changes.

A 2018 study showed that just cycling indoors is enough for you to increase strength, strength and weight without even needing to combine with any diet. When you combine exercise with a diet high in carbohydrates and proteins, you can lose weight faster and increase your cholesterol.

6. Expand the circle and have more friends
As mentioned, usually when participating in cycling classes, you have joined a community of people who share the same passion and goals. The classmates are the motivation for each person to join the class more regularly. The process of sticking to the same goal will bring us closer together. From a group of practitioners, the intangible friends gradually became each other’s teammates.

Cycling together is a great opportunity to encourage and encourage others. You can encourage and help those who are weaker than you, and you are also inspired by stronger people to reach their level. Together, you will achieve your goals when you join the class and make new friends.

7. Benefits of cycling on the spot: Improve mental health
The effect of stationary cycling will help you improve your mental health in two ways:

# 1 Warm up exercises and cool down times at the end of the training session will be a great time for you to relax your spirit. Before and after doing all your hard work with continuous cycling, you should close your eyes, cycle gently and allow your negative emotions to be relieved.

# 2 Bike classes will help you build your “Can-Do attitude” attitude. Therefore, stationary cycling exercises are very helpful in building mental strength. When you ride, there are good and bad times. When you need to speed up to climb hills, overcome obstacles, bad roads, you need to have the courage and confidence to do it.

With cycling on the spot, you need to have the confidence and steadfastness to join the class every day, following all the hard exercises to train endurance and build muscle. Discipline and mental self-discipline is what you will gain after the on-site cycling exercise. This power is a valuable tool when you apply it to all aspects of your life, especially when you need mental strength and consistency.

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