How many calories are burned after 1 hour of exercise and sports?

You are learning about the gymnastics and wondering whether the calories burned after 1 hour of exercising and sports is exactly how much? Let’s find out and answer this question!

1. How many calories does 1 hour walk consume?

According to calculations by experts, an average of 1 hour of walking will consume about 150-200 calories. To feel the change, you need to walk at a faster pace than usual and increase the time and intensity. Try to keep up the pace and sometimes try to climb the slopes to drain your energy faster. To easily know how many calories an hour walk consumes, you can use a treadmill at home to exercise because on the display screen of the machine has detailed statistics of this parameter.

2. How many calories does 1 hour jogging consume?

Running at a steady pace for a long time can burn quite large calories. Specifically, 30 minutes of running can consume about 300-500 calories depending on weight, hard work as well as running speed. The effect is almost similar between running outdoors and running indoors with a treadmill.

3. How many calories does 1 hour bicycle use?

One of the easiest methods to consume energy is to take a bike and go to the road. A 60-minute, regular cycle of cycling will help you reduce about 400 calories and if you speed up, you also significantly increase the number of calories to burn. Moreover, if you do not want to ride on the road, you can completely change the form of exercise by bike at home but the effect is almost the same.

4. How many calories does 1 hour swimming consume?

It is estimated that swimming at a moderate pace and within about 50 minutes will help burn about 500 calories. Note, after swimming tired, you can reward yourself a snack with foods containing no more than 100 calories, such as fruit or a glass of juice. Swimming also brings a sense of relaxation, besides rapid weight loss.

5. How many calories does 1 hour boxing consume?

Boxing or punching sandbags is a favorite program for supermodels and applies a lot to exercise. Boxing not only helps you slim arms as expected but also burn from 500-1000 calories / hour.

6. How many calories does 1 hour Yoga use?

Yoga is a gentle exercise and does not consume as many calories as the exercises mentioned above. However, Yoga helps you eliminate toxins in the body out of the sweat and also consumes about 350 calories / hour.

7. How many calories does 1-hour Zumba consume?

If you do the Zumba exercises, you will burn 400-600 calories / hour.

8. How many calories does 1 hour jump lead?

With 20 minutes of continuous skipping, you’ll burn about 300 calories. Moreover, this activity is good for your muscles and cardiovascular system. No need to dance to rigid rules, you can freely dance as you like and as long as the muscles are working at full capacity.

9. How many calories does 1 hour aerobic exercise consume?

According to experts, aerobic exercise consumes about 500-800 calories / hour of exercise. A lot of weight loss exercises are integrated in this gymnastics. The parts of the body that women want to go to when doing aerobic exercise are the legs, waist and buttocks. Work out for 1 hour a day, divide the exercises in half and do half an hour for sure you will see the effect after 2 weeks.

10. How many calories does 1 hour soccer use?

An hour of playing ball, you will easily consume about 500 calories. If you speed up a bit and coordinate with your teammates, you can burn 700 calories.


Above is some good information to answer the question of how many calories are burned after 1 hour of exercise. Hopefully, with these shares, you can find a sport that best suits your goals. Wish you good health and have a nice body.

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