Full-body exercise for men to exercise at home

Through full body exercise for men will help men increase endurance. Not only that, it also promotes men’s metabolism and helps muscle groups develop, and a more balanced physique.

Men don’t have to go to the gym to do gyms. As long as you practice at home, you will also get a lot of muscle. You do not have to exercise too much but just spend 3 – 4 sessions per week to practice exercises. You choose to exercise the whole body and especially you can not skip the diet. You need to combine with a reasonable diet, sleep, and rest, you will surely achieve your goals.

Full body exercises for men at home.

1. Abdominal crunch exercises for men.

This home-based abs exercise will help tone your arms and legs. How to do this abdominal exercise is as follows:

– You sit on the floor or on a yoga mat, then you lean back to create a 45 degree angle with the mat and your legs lifted off the floor, knees slightly bent, two hands holding warm weights.
– Slowly inhale, turn to the right and exhale. This time, fix the buttocks and tighten the abdominal muscles.
Do the same with the left and then return to the original position. Do this about 20 times per round per set.

2. Exercising the thigh muscles at home for men.

This thigh muscle exercise helps to remove excess fat from the thighs and buttocks and helps to tone the lower abdominal muscles. Here’s how to do this thigh muscle exercise:
You are lying on your back on the yoga mat, your hands are behind the nape of your neck, your legs are closed and your feet are raised in 60 degrees coordinates with the floor.
– Keep right leg, lower left leg but not touch the carpet, then switch sides and raise right leg up
Do this 20 times continuously for both left and right legs.

3. Do shoulder exercises with dumbbells at home.

This is a fairly simple exercise with dumbbells, with the use of helping to develop shoulder muscles and toning arm muscles.
Detailed instructions for shoulder muscle exercises with dumbbells are as follows:
– Set feet shoulder width, body straight, chest arched, arms shoulder length and eye straight.
– Inhale and push the dumbbells over your head, then exhale.
– Note, perform movements slowly to avoid injury when performing this exercise.

4. Squat exercises for men.

Squat is a relatively simple exercise that helps to develop and ton the glutes, thighs effectively.
How to do this Squat exercise is as follows:
– Standing upright holding dumbbells, eyes straight, chest arched and straight back.
Slowly lower the center of gravity down, so that the thigh is parallel to the ground and take a deep breath.
Exhale and slowly return to the starting position of the exercise. Repeat the entire movement to continue this Squat exercise.
– Perform 3 sets, 15-20 each set and the rest time between sets is 30 seconds.

5. Do push-ups

Do push-ups or push-ups are considered exercises that help develop synchronous muscles in the brain. You can also pair it with a multi-purpose weightlifting rig. It is not only in the biceps, shoulders, and chest, but also in the lower abdominal muscles and the upper abdominal muscles.

How to do this with push ups as follows:

– Hands on the ground, the distance is wider than shoulder, keep the body straight and the focus is on the front arms.

– Slowly lower the body slowly so that the force of gravity focuses on the arms, so that the chest muscles are fully stretched.

– Take a deep breath, then push yourself back to your head position and exhale.

– Try to stay straight and repeat to continue the exercise.

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