Exercises for seniors the right way in winter

Exercising the following exercises for the elderly will help the elderly improve their health, comfort and prevent old-age diseases. If you are wishing to participate in health exercises, the elderly and grandparents can refer to the detailed instructions for these exercises and apply them to practice for themselves.

1. Yoga

Yoga is also a form of exercise suitable for the elderly. Regular yoga practice helps increase mobility, reduce symptoms of the spine, increase leg strength, so stand more firmly, slow down the aging process …

Yoga exercises that are suitable for the elderly are usually gentle movements that tend to breathe, meditate, and slow motion. To increase efficiency, the elderly should practice with the guidance of an experienced teacher.

2. Fitness training

Sustained is a practice method with 3 main contents including exercise, eating and attitude in life. Vegetative exercises are very suitable for the elderly, people with weak health and chronic diseases.

Vegetative exercises are very beneficial for the respiratory system in the elderly. When exercising, the elderly will retain the ability to breathe deeply and evenly, avoid shortness of breath in old age.

In addition, vegetative exercise helps blood circulation to help the nervous system work better, a healthy digestive system to eat and sleep, while increasing the body’s resistance, preventing diseases. healthy and love life more.

3. Cycling

Steady cycling for 30 minutes a day is a way to help older people maintain health and endurance of the body. Cycling every day not only burns calories effectively, but also helps circulation, regulates breathing, reduces blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels to help keep the heart healthy, while relieving anxiety, stress …

However, the elderly should choose neat and comfortable clothes so as not to cause discomfort when exercising, in addition, should adjust the appropriate speed. Beginners to exercise should cycle at a slow speed and increase the speed slowly depending on the condition of each person.

4. Swimming

Swimming is a form of cardio exercise, which enhances heart health. Because, when swimming underwater, the body is supported by water repulsion, so it puts less pressure on the joints than other forms of cardio such as running or cycling.

Some studies show that swimming reduces the risk of falling in the elderly. This is because this form of exercise helps to build and maintain strength of bones and muscles.

In addition, swimming also helps to flex the spine that has been slightly cuffed in the elderly. In addition, this sport also brings many other health benefits such as helping blood circulation, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Regular swimming helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol in the body, relieve stress.

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