5 most useful tips for beginners YOGA

What time is the best yoga? Should yoga practice several times a week? How long does a yogo work for you, or is it a good yoga practice for beginners at home? Can yoga lose weight or gain weight? Those are the questions that a yogo beginner often asks, today Nshape would like to share with the new yoga beginner the most useful experiences!

1. What is the best time for yoga?
– Early in the morning: Sanskrit for this time is “the holy time of yoga”. At this time, the spirit of refreshing, yoga in the morning will wake up the senses, physical, mental, energy and especially increase the metabolism of your body.

– Late at night: This time, the stomach is empty so yoga is very beneficial for breathing by the diaphragm as well as for prevention and treatment. In addition, yoga helps to regulate the mind, dispel fatigue to help you sleep deeper.

Practicing yoga for beginners should try to practice the yoga routine at the same time each day and practice regularly and regularly. When you’ve been training for a long time, explore your body at all times and find the best time for you.

2. Practice breathing correctly
When practicing yoga, breathing – breathing is the most important thing and this is something new yoga people should learn first when coming to this subject. The mistake many people make when exercising is that fast and shallow breathing increases the amount of carbon dioxide, causing blood to flow into the spleen causing abdominal pain, cramps, and ineffective training. In particular, if not breathing correctly can affect the nervous system, leading to depression, “ghost fire escape” and difficult to recover.

Breathe correctly When you breathe in, you have to strain your stomach and exhale it must constrict your abdomen. Thus, you have more energy to train harder and bring the highest efficiency.

3. Don’t try to flaunt yourself
Many beginners who practice yoga are excited and want to get results quickly, so they should hurry or practice double the time. As a result, they suffer from insomnia, mood or restlessness, irritability. People who practice yoga need to understand that: While doing yoga, do not be in a hurry or hustle but need slow, careful movements.

In addition, yoga should put safety first. Yoga is to train the health and spirit, not to compete with classmates or show bravery to the teacher and friends to admire by trying to practice difficult movements, special poses. The practitioner should understand his body, perform movements within the limits of his ability, be aware of what he is doing, keep the mind at peace – that is true yoga.

4. Perseverance, patience
“Speed ​​education” – this is the principle of yoga for beginners to master. Not that you practice a lot, practice twice as many other people, it will work quickly. This discipline is also not effective for ordinary people, lazy. Yoga must be calculated by five or more, not you follow the trend, practice for fun or practice for the moment. When practicing yoga, you need to know how to tame boredom, need slowness, carefulness in each movement, and perseverance and patience to the end.

5. A few other notes
A yoga guide for beginners is very helpful, which requires careful guidance from the teacher when practicing, to be effective and avoid unfortunate incidents. Each person needs to be instructed to have a workout regime appropriate to his condition and health

If you have high blood pressure, have heart problems, glaucoma, you should have a higher head to treat your heart when exercising; Hold a strong standing or prone position for a short time. If you have low blood pressure, get out of position upside down slowly.

In particular, some postures of people with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, vestibular disorders, degenerative vertebrae should not try to practice such as: planting banana tree, cobra, candle … If practicing right There is a thorough guide of the instructor, gradually working without trying to fold will be life-threatening.


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