4 ways to motivate jogging to lose weight

Check the body condition before and after exercise, plan each week, record exercise journey … is an effective way of running to lose weight.

Jogging improves cardiovascular health, respiratory health, flexibility and endurance exercise … This subject also supports weight loss, however, running has no immediate effect like other methods, leading to beginners often have lazy psychology or loss of interest.

Understand yourself and how to run to lose weight

Before diving into the weight loss training program, the coach will examine each person’s exercise history and experience. Usually, there are two cases, one group used to run or play another subject, but practice was inconsistent, injured or ineffective. The second group has never been persistent in practicing any sport and thinks that they are too heavy and need to reduce their body weight first.

However, experts believe that the jogging journey to lose weight is simply sustainable exercise. If you’ve never played a sport before, focus on making small changes, slowly pacing and increasing it so you don’t burn out.

The Trainer does not require the runner to diet strictly, limit caloric intake, instead, the runner is instructed to exercise strength, mobility, keep the body from pain, create motivation for long-term exercise.

Make a checklist in each running session

In order to lose weight effectively, without setting too extreme goals, it is important to maintain the pace of exercise. This helps the exercise journey not to disrupt daily activities. Accordingly, a sustainable way of jogging is to check your health through a pre-set list, namely: heart rate, sweat volume, less used muscle group, safe zone of the body, ability to secrete. endorphins – natural pain relievers …

Weight loss people do not need to exercise too hard to make their heart rate too fast, but exercise leading to strong heart muscle is inevitable. Every time you run, you measure your heart rate and compare, if a little difference from normal is good, but too far, the runner should stop resuscitation and then practice.

Checking the amount of sweat while running is also an important factor to know the amount of exercise is just right or not. The Run Experience emphasizes: “You do not need to drench your body, but sweat a lot is a good sign that we are really training.”

With office workers or drivers, muscle groups tend to “sleep quietly” such as glutes, biceps, hind and front thigh muscles, hamstrings, abdomen, calves or back muscles … Jogging combines some activities This “awaken” muscle group has a great effect on weight loss and beauty.

According to experts, entering the hard phase, you train more intensely to get out of your comfort zone, forcing yourself to face a more uncomfortable state. This has the ability to improve the physical body, uplift the spirit, and at the same time promote the body to produce a mechanism to adapt to change.

Make a plan to exercise each week

One week’s time is ideal for planning and managing it. You can refer to the exercise lesson plan from The Run Experience as follows: walking, running or a combination of both 3 days a week. The other two days, practicing strength training, take classes tailored to fit the body weight.

On the day of running, the runner alternates 90 seconds of walking with 30 seconds of running, doing 5 turns in 10 minutes. Experts recommend advanced training by climbing hills, or using a 4-5% tilt treadmill. You do the climbing for 1 minute, then walk down, repeat for 6-8 rounds depending on your health condition. Runners can gradually increase the time and exercises in two methods, effectively reducing fat.

On two strength training days, experts instruct to practice 5-10 times movements such as squat, plank, glute bridge, push-ups …

Record weight loss journey

Journaling about the exercise process, marking weight loss milestones can help runners motivate themselves. After each week, the runner will compare the results from the previous week, feel the difference will make you more excited with this journey.

In addition, the fitness checker applications, friends, family supervisors … are also the way the runner is more responsible for the plan.

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