What is stomach pain? Location, symptoms, causes, danger?

Stomach pain is a very common disease today. The disease has many subjective and objective reasons. Questions about stomach pain in general, pain location and treatment in particular are of great interest to many people. Readers join us to explore the details through the article below.

1. What is stomach pain?

Stomach pain is a condition in which the stomach hurts and damages, the main cause of stomach ulcers. People with stomach pain often develop dull aches and long, uncomfortable feelings. In cases of people with stomach pain, eating too full or too hungry can also lead to pain.

In the case of the patient working too much leads to fatigue, fatigue, stress makes your stomach pain appear. Mood swings or anxiety are also one of the reasons that make the state of stomach pain increase a lot.

2. Where is the stomach ache?

Stomach pain has many different pain sites, including some basic ones as follows:

Epigastric pain: The epigastric area is defined as the abdomen above the navel and below the sternum. When this area is hurt, the body will feel dull pain, tension and discomfort. pain from this epigastric region spreads rapidly, most rapidly to the back and chest.

Middle abdominal pain: The middle abdomen is the area with many important digestive organs in the human body. If abdominal pain is evident in this area, the patient should have a specialist examination for the most accurate diagnosis. However, if there is pain in the middle abdomen and there are signs such as indigestion, bloating, heartburn, … then you are likely to have stomach problems.

Stomach pain in the upper left: When you are hungry, if you find that your body has a dull stomach ache or a stomach ache in the left abdomen, then you most likely have stomach problems. Do not be subjective, track pain and quickly go to a specialist for the most appropriate adjustments, best for your health.

3. Symptoms of stomach pain

The most common and common symptoms of stomach disease, we will summarize below. If you are experiencing the following 2-3 symptoms, then the possibility of your stomach damage is quite high:

Epigastric pain: This is a symptom almost every patient has stomach pain. At this time, the patient will have a burning sensation in the epigastrium or the pain will gradually spread back and then up to the chest. However, the degree of pain varies from person to person.

Nausea, dizziness constantly: When the ulcers in the stomach are getting worse, the damaged stomach lining will make you feel uncomfortable, nausea sometimes even vomiting food, sometimes just vomiting. anhydrous.

Bloody vomiting: This is a symptom that your stomach is in shape
alarm, peptic ulcer are at serious level. In addition to vomiting blood, you also see the phenomenon of black stools.

Anorexia, tired body: Once the stomach is damaged, it will cause your digestive system to function poorly, leading to indigestion, flatulence, bad appetite. From there, leading to anorexia, exhausted body fatigue you lose weight seriously.

4. Cause stomach pain

To avoid stomach upset, people often learn more about the cause of the disease. Here are some of the most common causes of stomach illness:

  • Psychological factors: A good spirit will make your mood comfortable, not lead to stress. When you are mentally stimulated or stressed, it can lead to a disorder of the rectum nerve. Therefore, most people with stomach illness are often those who suffer from uncomfortable work or psychological stress.
  • Nutrition: Eating without science, eating on time or eating too fast is one of the main factors that hurt your stomach.
  • Excessive use of carbonated beverages, alcohol: For this case, men will be more expensive than women.
  • Because men often have erratic eating habits, or drink alcohol regularly. Therefore, men are more likely than women to suffer from stomach aches.
  • Overuse of medication: Excessive overuse of medication during treatment is also one of the causes of stomach pain. Can mention a number of drugs that cause stomach effects such as: Cholera, orange oil, nitric acid …

5. Is stomach pain dangerous?

Stomach pain is usually manifested by damage in the stomach lining. Many symptoms of stomach illness often do not appear clearly for the patient to be easily identified, these symptoms often occur silently and are difficult to identify. Therefore, people with stomach pain often have subjective psychology and do not cure the disease in time.

For cases of people with mild stomach pain that can be treated promptly, will not cause danger to the patient. In the absence of timely treatment, the following more serious problems may occur:

  • Constantly experiencing pain, the dull, lingering pain affects the quality of your life.
  • Depressed body, no feeling of wanting to eat, the patient is always in an uncomfortable tired state.
  • For those infected with HP, can cause stomach cancer.
  • Other dangerous complications affecting lives: Perforation of the stomach, gastrointestinal …

If you encounter some of these abnormal signs, please hurry to the hospital for an examination and the most accurate diagnosis.


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