Unexpectedly “beauty” can cure gentlemen’s suffering

Export soon a disease that 20-30% of men suffer from suffering at least some time in life, can be effectively treated by … a method of beauty women often use.

A popular beauty method for a long time, botox is known for temporarily removing wrinkles on the face, which is trusted by many women and even some men. However, the team led by Dr. Sakir Ongun from Balikei University (Turkey) applied it to … treat premature export.

Surprisingly, botox injections aimed at the muscles around the “strategic area” have successfully passed the initial test. In mice, it helped extend the duration of sex to 1.5 times after a single dose and to 3.7 times the end of the course on humans.

Dr. Ongun said that to humans, this botox injection method can extend the effectiveness of repelling premature export for at least 9 months.

According to a recent publication in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, botox, or more fully botulinum-A, relaxes muscles, thus temporarily removing facial wrinkles in cosmetic treatments. When it affects muscles in the genital area, it helps men increase their ability to delay the “peak” stage.

After these positive initial results, scientists are continuing to push their research to a clinical trial step to more clearly prove the effectiveness of the drug before actually applying it.

The world statistics show that there are always about 4% of gentlemen around us who are quietly suffering from premature export. If considering the whole life, up to 20-30% of gentlemen face this problem at least a few stages in life.

Unlike erectile dysfunction, which is more common among middle-aged and elderly people, premature export is more common among young men.

According to sex therapists, a 3 to 7 minute relationship is considered normal, and 7-13 minutes is considered “desirable”. Criteria for early diagnosis of export include: 75-100% of all sexual intercourse lasts for 1 minute or less, counting from the time the of man penetrates the “little girl” The disorder has lasted at least 6 months. However, men are advised to see a doctor early if they feel that the relationship is not satisfactory and begin to cause stress and anxiety for themselves.


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