Things indispensable when you travel but to menstruation

You may find it confusing when your period is at the right time to pack your luggage. How can you enjoy the red light day trip? Many women around the world still climb, cross streams and even cross the forest despite menstruation. If you have prepared for a long time and are extremely excited for the past few days, do not cancel your travel because of the “appointment to the month again”.

1. “Bodyguards” travel on menstruation
You will need to select “bodyguards” which are the following red light day cleaning products depending on the type of your trip:

• Tampon: This is the smallest and most compact “bodyguard”, although the price is quite expensive. If you are preparing for a picnic, you can choose a tampon-shaped sanitary pad to exercise comfortably. You can change bandages on average 6–8 hours / time.

• Menstrual cups: In addition to reducing costs and limiting waste, the menstrual cup has more than twice the capacity of tampons. You can consider this red light “bodyguard” on long trips because the monthly cup can be used continuously for 12 hours.

• Traditional tampons: This is a very popular patch-type sanitary pad inside your underwear. You can choose this “bodyguard” for vacation or when you do not need much exercise. You should change the tampon regularly 4–5 hours / time.

2. Menstrual underwear
If you know how to choose underwear for a red light day, you will always feel comfortable when traveling.

• Lingeries: The bustline is usually tight on the red light, so you need to choose no-rimmed bras or sports bra so as not to stick to the double mountains.

• Underpants: You should choose tight-fitting underwear that is airy and easy to clean. If you are traveling in a place where laundry is not convenient, consider disposable underwear.

3. Spacious clothes
When arranging clothes to travel on red lights, you should choose clothes with spacious designs such as T-shirts, baggy pants, maxi skirts, free size dresses … You should prioritize costumes with dark colors in case menstrual spillage like black, brown, red …

You should avoid wearing tight clothing because this is a type of clothing that is harmful to health and is likely to lead to viral, fungal and bacterial infections. In addition, you should also limit bikini wear despite having tampons or menstrual cups. Wet bikinis are the favorite residence for yeasts and bacteria.

4. Feminine hygiene solution
You can remove perfume or makeup to make your luggage lighter, but indispensable solution for feminine hygiene when traveling on the red light! The feminine hygiene solution not only cleans but also helps you balance your “little girl” pH.

You can use feminine hygiene solution once a day when bathing. However, you should only use products to clean the “little girl”, not douches inside the “little girl”. “little girl” douching habits can cause some dangerous effects such as “little girl” infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer …

5. Ice packs for pain relief
If you have dysmenorrhea, you should bring an ice pack with you when traveling on red light. Whenever an unpleasant pain arises, apply a heat pack or cloth soaked in warm water and dry on the abdomen. Heat has the ability to relax muscles, thereby relieving bothersome pain.

In addition, you can also place heat packs on your lower back to treat back pain. If you don’t want to bring an ice pack, you can soak in a warm bath to relax your abs, back and legs.

6. Chocolate helps improve mood
The erratic mood of a red light can accidentally ruin your trip whenever something goes wrong. One of the health benefits of chocolate is that it can improve your mood and make you feel happier.

Chocolate also contains tryptophan (an essential amino acid) that stimulates the production of serotonin which is also an antidepressant in the brain. Experts say that the emotions created by chocolate are similar to the emotions when we are in love.

7. Medicine to support red lights
Your travel bag on red lights is indispensable for travel medical bags with medicines that help relieve unpleasant menstrual symptoms.

• Birth control pills: If you want to delay menstruation with birth control pills, don’t forget to take your 21-pill pill for 3 weeks.

• Anti-menstrual pain medications: Currently, there are many types of menstrual pain medications that help relieve symptoms during menstruation. Some drugs will be prescribed by a doctor, some will be easily purchased at the Store.

• Iron supplements: Iron supplements or iron pills are products usually prepared in the form of oral tablets that provide iron and some other nutrients for the body. The habit of taking iron supplements will help you not to suffer from anemia, dizziness, and vertigo affecting the trip.

The day of the red light tour will still be comfortable when you have prepared the necessary things to minimize the unpleasant feeling of menstruation. Relax before you leave, don’t miss the trip because of the red light!


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