Tell you to recognize kidney cancer early

Cancer is always a scary thing, an obsession for everyone. Kidney cancer, too. Why and can it be detected early? The following article will help you with information about this disease.

Kidney cancer is very scary because when it is discovered, the death rate is very high. And this is also an obsession, a worry of many unfortunate people suffering from kidney diseases, regardless of whether they have tuberculosis or kidney cancer or other benign tumors. This is not a common cancer, but it is not uncommon and tends to increase in our country’s population. Therefore, we also need to consider it.

So far there are no data to prove what causes cancer. Instead, it will be determined based on the high risk factors that are likely to cause cancer.

High-risk factors often occur in patients who smoke a lot, or patients often exposed to chemicals containing benzyl acetate or obese patients, …

Some cases have been recorded as hereditary, such as patients with dominant chromosomes in Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome. Renal cell carcinoma usually appears in patients with VHL gene disorder. Genetic renal carcinoma is related to the Met gene, etc.

Kidney cancer is not associated with chronic kidney failure. Chronic renal failure is a chronic kidney disease that is unlikely to lead to kidney cancer. However, if the patient has kidney cancer, it is likely to cause chronic kidney failure, due to the destruction of kidney cancer cells.

The proportion of men with kidney cancer is higher than women, probably due to the higher rates of smoking and exposure to toxic chemicals in men.

There are many different types of cancer, usually assessed by stage, pathology, or cell of kidney cancer, including: 80-85% of renal cell carcinoma (abbreviated) is RCC). However, RCC is also divided into many different forms. 8% is transitional cell cancer (abbreviated as TCC). This is a form of cancer that can be metabolized by the urinary tract. 5-6% are Wilms and Sarcoma kidney tumors. And kidney sarcoma is most often seen in children.

The treatment strategy for all these types of cancers is basically the same. Only after the initial surgical treatment can the treatment be different.

Manifestations to suspect kidney cancer

Suspected signs of kidney cancer are manifested by sub-cancerous syndromes such as exhaustion, weight loss, night sweats, anemia, fever, muscle aches, and so on. onset or near-cancer syndrome.

To diagnose kidney cancer, based on the symptoms: hematuria, patients with pain in the lower back, in addition to touching the hip can feel bobbing or touching the tumor.

However, these symptoms only manifest in about 10% of patients. And 25% of patients come to the examination when the disease has signs of distant metastatic lymph nodes such as metastatic lymph nodes, … and symptoms manifested in organs due to metastases to the lungs, mediastinum, .. These are very unfortunate cases!

Kidney cancer is a rare cancer, so to put it into widespread screening, we have not implemented it. However, the average age of most kidney cancer patients occurs between 55-60 years of age, usually over 65 years old. For that reason, people over 65 are recommended to screen for kidney cancer.

Abdominal ultrasound is one of the top-priority, low-cost options for detecting lesions in order to provide further treatment. If ultrasound and no abnormal signs are detected, between 6 months and 1 year should be screened by abdominal ultrasound.

To prevent kidney cancer

To prevent kidney cancer, we need to consider the high risk factors that can lead to cancer, except for some genetic causes, which cannot be prevented. Therefore, patients can have genetic mutation tests to identify kidney cancer.

In addition, we can proactively prevent possible causes of kidney cancer such as limiting smoking (including active or passive smokers), limiting exposure to aromatic chemicals. (such as benzene, gasoline, …), increase exercise, reduce fat, …

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