Signs of cardiovascular disease warning in women

Causes of heart attack in women due to unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, stress … Here are some warning symptoms that can lead to heart attacks in women.

1. Poor digestion
If the digestive system has abnormal changes such as: frequent flatulence, indigestion, accompanied by feelings of impatience, frustration, discomfort … think immediately about problems related to the heart. You need to talk to your doctor if this happens often. Because if left for long can make heart disease worse, increased risk of stroke.

2. Chest pain
If you feel severe chest pain on the left, be alert. Because this is a common and prominent symptom of heart attacks. However, only 30% of women are aware of chest pains before a heart attack occurs. Therefore, women especially need to pay attention to this sign. The pain will spread to the shoulders, neck, jaw and back.

3. Tired
Fatigue can also be a sign of heart failure. When heart failure occurs, the process of blood circulation through the heart encounters “problems.” This directly affects the activity of cells in the body, reduces the body’s resistance and increases feelings of fatigue.
Increased fatigue is accompanied by a feeling of chest pain, nausea, especially when you are very active. This proves that your heart is having problems, if not treated early, it will be life-threatening.

4. Uneven breathing
Before the heart attack appears, you may feel as if you are not getting enough oxygen. This makes you breathe faster. This is because the disorder of the heart affects the lungs, causing shortness of breath. Uneven breathing is also a characteristic sign of valve stenosis and heart failure. Dyspnea usually appears at night, when working hard, stress or when lying too low knee.

5.Some tips to avoid heart attacks
5.1. Understand the risks of heart disease
There are many risks that we cannot control (age, genetics), but there are also a number of factors that can be completely controlled. Therefore, you should understand your risk of heart disease to know how to prevent it appropriately.

5.2. Do exercise
If you want to improve your cardiovascular health, exercise. You can choose any exercise that is right for you such as jogging, brisk walking, swimming or dancing. But note, you should consult an expert to know which exercise is right for you.

5.3. Heart-healthy diet
A nutritious meal, including fruits, is great for heart health. Eat about 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day and cut back on unhealthy foods like fried and grilled foods.

5.4. Quit smoking and avoid smoking
Smoking is one of the causes for increased risk of heart disease. According to research, you do not smoke or exposure to secondhand smoke, you can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease within 1-2 years

5.5. Health check
Get a heart check once a year or as soon as possible if you suspect a potential problem.

5.6. Understand the symptoms
Women often have different symptoms of heart disease than men so understanding the symptoms is important. Most women often have signs of rapid breathing and nausea instead of severe chest pain and fatigue … that’s why heart disease can be misdiagnosed.

5.7. Live happily
Stress can wreak havoc on your heart, so if you want to improve your heart health, look for effective and positive ways to cope with life’s problems.


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