Can pigmentation disorders be cured?

The increase or decrease of skin pigmentation makes your skin become uneven, tan, melasma, freckles are the most common skin pigmentation disorders, causing loss of aesthetics for many people. When accidentally encountering skin pigmentation disorders surely you will be very interested in skin pigmentation disorders can not be treated? Finding this solution, you should find out where skin pigmentation disorders form and how to overcome the treatment as follows:

Types of skin pigmentation disorders

Based on the causes and manifestations of this pathology, the skin pigmentation disorder is classified as:

1. Primary pigment disorder

  • Hyperpigmentation: The primary disorder, also known as congenital form, includes skin pigmentation problems such as: eczema, congenital freckles and congenital skin pigmentation.
  • Pigmentation reduction: Pigmentation reduction is the type such as white know, albino.

Most forms of primary pigmentation disorders are often caused by congenital, chromosomal inherited factors, so the treatment is difficult.

2. Secondary pigment disorder

Secondary pigment disorders are disorders caused by injury, cosmetics, scratches or sunlight …. In summary, secondary pigmentation disorders are mainly external factors that cause pigment disorders.

Hyperpigmentation is the case such as acne-induced skin darkening, wound darkening and hyperpigmentation after dermatitis. Local hyperpigmentation may be caused by the direct effects of steroid hormones, estrogens, and progesterones that tend to affect pigmentation cell lines, or freckles due to the effects of medications or sunlight. .

Skin pigmentation reduction: vitiligo, scarring or loss of skin pigmentation due to exposure to toxic chemicals and cosmetics.

3. Can skin pigmentation disorder be cured?

Question Can pigmentation disorders be cured? then in many ways and the cause of a pigment disorder is also very important. In case of skin pigmentation disorders due to environmental factors, it can be cured. But the congenital case is difficult to cure.

Currently with modern advanced technology has cured many disorders of hyperpigmentation. Therefore, if people are infected with skin pigmentation, it is best to see a dermatologist and select the appropriate treatment method to improve the signs of skin pigmentation and avoid losing skin aesthetics.

Reduce the risk of skin pigmentation disorders you should know:

  • Do not use cosmetics indiscriminately, bleaching creams contain toxic substances that are not good for the skin.
  • Should not self-treat, must patiently cooperate with dermatologists to see good effects.
  • Avoid stress, insomnia make skin darker darker vitality
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight will not be good for the skin.

Above is information about pigmentation disorders that you can refer to. If you are experiencing one or more of the above problems, you should go to a dermatology hospital thanks to a doctor with specific advice.


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