Causes of tailbone pain in women and how to treat it

Postpartum women often suffer from back pain. Especially when the weather changes, or when standing up, sitting back is often more painful and painful.

Coccyx pain is the bottom of the spine. It is made up of five vertebrae forming a triangle connected to the hip bone. Coccyx pain is not necessarily a serious disease but it affects the quality of life. This is a typical disease of women because the female’s bones are shorter and wider than men.

What are the causes of tailbone pain in women? How to overcome this disease like?

Sacral pain (coccyx) is a painful disease that occurs in the sacrum or in the muscles near the sacrum.

– Pain or stinging in the buttocks or hips.

– Pain in the groin, legs and knees and possibly the ankle.

– Pain sensation in a place that then spreads around.

Common cause
When sitting for a long time or while sitting up, or when pressing against the sharp end of the sacrum makes the pain worse.

Pathological reasons
Most women suffer from coccyx pain caused by gynecological diseases. It can also be caused by medical conditions, osteoarthritis (rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis) or external injuries such as buttocks hitting the ground or hitting walls and corners of objects. , tool…

Genital inflammation
The patient feels severe pain in the lumbar area, back pain, abdominal discomfort or distention, mild fever, fatigue, anorexia …

Feeling of pain in the coccyx is aggravated by too much work, after sex or before menstruation.

Abnormal uterine position
Under normal circumstances, a woman’s uterus is slightly tilted forward. When the uterus is too leaned forward or backward due to inflammation of the uterus and surrounding organs, the coccyx becomes painful.

Usually occur in people who are too busy, give birth a lot or have had uterine surgery. The uterus sagging, escaping or sticking on top may stretch the ligament, causing lower back pain.

Abnormal contraceptive rings
There are some women with coccyx pain caused by an abnormal IUD such as the size of the IUD does not match the uterus, the elasticity of the IUD is too large or the position of the IUD is skewed. …

With the above reasons, the IUD will stimulate the uterine wall, causing coccyx pain.

Tumors in the pelvic cavity
Tumors of uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, ovarian tumors …

When a tumor is inserted into a nerve or cancer cell into the connective organization of the pelvic cavity, it will lead to a coccyx.

Diseases of the excretory system
Women are often very susceptible to inflammatory diseases of the urinary system such as chronic, acute nephritis, urinary tract infections … In addition, there are agglomerated stones or tumors in the excretory system. sick.

Physiological factors causing tailbone pain in women
Physiological factors leading to coccyx pain: menstruation, due to congestion pelvic cavity, uterine hemorrhage … causes the pelvic nerve to edema or cause reflexes leading to back pain in the back bone. Elderly women due to the ligament connected to the uterus dilate, the uterus drops also causes pain in the coccyx and lumbar region.

The ability of women to expand their muscles, tendons, and back vertebra is much stronger than that of men. In addition, the ability to adapt to strong, weak movements and vulnerability leads to severe lumbar pain.

During pregnancy, the focus of the body backwards changes the structure of the small joints in the back of the spine, causing tension in the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the lumbar region for a while. long forms chronic lesions. During pregnancy, the internal organs of the body are translated upwards. After giving birth, they suddenly descend. This is also one of the important causes of coccyx and lumbar pain.

Treatment of coccyx pain
– Lie down and rest.

– Massage, reflexology.

– Using physiotherapy or local blockade.

– Use pain medicine to put in the anus.

– If long-term treatment does not cure, surgical removal of the sacrum.

Coccyx pain is a common disease in women. When suffering from acute pain, patients should pay attention to reasonable rest. In addition, it should be combined with a diet full of nutrients, paying attention to calcium supplements. Note do not play sports, vigorous exercise during this time.


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