Absolutely not to do with ‘little girl’

The private parts are extremely important because it directly affects fertility. Arbitrarily interfering with the “little girl” can cause you to get unwanted infections.

Some suggest that the ‘little girl’ steam boosts blood circulation in the ‘little girl’ area and cleanses the uterus, helping to balance female hormones, giving you a sense of comfort. However, at very high temperatures, saunas can cause ‘little girl’ burns. Steam also increases the humidity in and around the ‘little girl’, causing changes in the ‘little girl’ environment, creating favorable conditions for fungi and unhealthy bacteria to thrive causing inflammation.

Using folk remedies like garlic or tea tree oil to clean the “little girl” or using creams and suppositories to treat yeast infections that can cause ‘little girl’ burns and super infection.

Inserting foreign objects into the ‘little girl’
Menstrual cups, fingers, “toys” … need to be cleaned thoroughly before and after being inserted into the ‘little girl’. Absolutely do not put foreign objects shaped like “boy” such as cucumber, banana … into this sensitive area to avoid irritation.

Many people think that douching helps to keep the ‘little girl’ clean. However, gynecologists recommend that intervening on your own will disrupt the naturally balanced acidic environment, making it impossible for the “little girl” to clean herself. Douching is also a leading cause of yeast infections, ‘little girl’ infections and pelvic inflammatory diseases that affect fertility.

Absolutely not to do
The environment inside of your ‘little girl’ has a very delicate balance, and if you go around using home remedies such as tree oils or what have you, you could end up in great pain or with an infection.

Plus, these remedies may not be effective, so you’re better off going to the doctor if you’re experiencing discomfort, pain, or something like a yeast infection.

Wear Skinny Jeans Every Day
Don’t throw them in the trash, but just alternate wearing them with other, looser-fitting clothing.

Wearing tight-fitting clothing all the time can lead to yeast infections or pressure acne, and no one wants either of those things. Make sure to give your lady parts room to breathe.

Use Scented Or Flavored Anything
Again, I cannot stress enough how delicate your ‘little girl’ really is. The moment you add scents or flavors to the balance, your pH can fall way off kilter and you could end up with an infection, or just general discomfort and a more pungent smell.

Scratch It To Your Heart’s Content
Everyone gets itchy down there, even the healthiest of us, but you should still try to resist the temptation. You can cause further irritation, though the worst thing is that you could be delaying more effective care for a bigger problem like bacterial ‘little girl’.


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