What to eat to lose weight fast and still beautiful skin?

You are about to have the opportunity to go to the event, or go to the beach, need to have a slim body, but still do not know what to eat to lose weight fast, as well as not know how to apply slimming method in just a few day? In addition, you are also worried that losing weight quickly will affect your skin to be wrinkled and dull. All of which make you have a headache, so let’s throw away the worry of eating to lose weight fast and your skin will still look beautiful with the helpful sharing below.

Morning: What to eat to effectively lose weight fast

In the morning, the body needs to replenish energy after a long night. Therefore, eating a full breakfast does not cause you to gain weight or obesity, but it also helps you to be healthier, have an abundant energy source to study and work for a long day.

On the other hand, you also have effective weight loss, belly fat if you know the proper weight loss menu. Because having the right breakfast will make it easier for you to exchange, which will boost your metabolism and burn more calories

Foods to eat in the morning so you can lose weight quickly and still look good

Protein-rich foods: eggs, yogurt, cereals, protein-rich vegetables … will be very beneficial to the body. This is a low-calorie food that helps you feel full and consume fewer calories.

Fruits: bananas, grapefruit, blueberries, strawberries, etc. are also on the list of foods in the morning to lose weight because these are all fruits rich in fiber, vitamins, and good nutrients. for health helps you lose weight effectively while helping you have a beautiful job.

Sweet potatoes: Boiled potatoes have a quick-to-fill, long-lasting effect that also helps prevent the accumulation of excess fat. Therefore, eating 1 boiled potato in the morning is also a wise choice for women in finding out what to eat to lose weight quickly.

In addition to paying attention to what to eat to lose weight quickly, it is very important to drink any kind of water

Drinking pure coffee: Drinking pure coffee in the morning not only helps you stay awake for a long day but also helps you lose weight very effectively.

Lemon honey: Drink a cup of lemon honey in the morning, 30 minutes before eating will burn fat, excreted and purify the body effectively, in addition you release a lot of energy.

Low-calorie smoothies: Drinking smoothies also helps you have a healthy skin, but to lose weight, you should drink sugary smoothies, low in milk to not gain weight with an excess calories.

In the evening: What to eat to lose weight fast, still beautiful and smooth skin

Dinner is also a very important meal to decide if your weight loss is successful or not. If you do not control the diet at dinner, it is easy to cause you to gain weight uncontrollably, ruining all of your weight loss regime. Therefore, in the evening, what to eat to lose weight fast but not make the skin worse is also something that you need to remember and understand.

Here are some foods to eat at night to lose weight quickly while keeping your skin healthy:

Tomatoes: This is a fruit that contains a lot of water, and oxidants. So if you eat hard at night will help you lose weight effectively and get a fresh, smoother skin.

Cauliflower: This is also a vegetable that contains a lot of water (92.1% of the water), besides that cauliflower also contains many nutrients, helping you get enough quality without being hungry. So, regularly eating cauliflower not only helps you lose weight effectively, but also has a better shiny skin.

Squash: This is really an ideal dish for people who lose weight. Because this is a fat-free, vitamin-rich food, squash is also very smooth, so when eating regularly squash in the evening also helps your skin to be improved and slimmer.

Orange juice: Orange juice contains a lot of vitamins, of which the highest amount is vitamin C. Therefore, drinking a glass of orange juice in the evening will help you reduce the accumulation of toxins, weight loss and healthy skin. stronger.

Hopefully, the above article has provided you with complete information on what to eat to lose weight fast, while maintaining healthy skin. From there, help people confidently participate in the fun, go away without having to worry about the less slim body as well as less healthy skin.

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