What is cold pressed coconut oil? Uses of cold pressed coconut oil

What is cold pressed coconut oil? Check out the article below

The concept of cold pressed coconut oil is still quite new to many consumers because from ancient times to the present. The elderly people in Binh Dinh, Ben Tre still make coconut oil daily by cooking with heat, they use it to eat, to condition their hair …

The use of coconut oil is extremely rich and varied, we can mention coconut oil such as beauty, health care, cooking. With that advantage, a series of pure coconut oil brands were born to serve the needs of consumers. However, coconut oil only works when it is pure, not mixed … that means not every coconut oil advertised with a pure name will be good. To bring consumers the safest products, coconut oil with cold pressing method was born, keeping its inherent essence.

What is cold pressed coconut oil?

Cold pressing of coconut oil is the method of using centrifugal juicer to extract coconut oil from the dried, split coconut. This is the method of extracting coconut oil by modern technology and the most advanced today.

This is a completely new method compared to traditional ways of processing coconut oil such as cooking and drying. With outstanding advantages, the copra is treated with the lowest temperature compared to all available methods, so the scent and essence are completely kept.

Process of cold pressed coconut oil 

  • Select raw coconut, old coconut aged 11–12 months of age because at this age the amount of oil contained in coconut has the highest quality. Remove the hard coconut husk and the brown bran surrounding the coconut to get 100% white coconut.
  • Wash coconut rice with clean water, puree coconut rice very small
  • All pureed coconut is put into the tank, when slightly cold go through and suck up all the water in the coconut.
  • Then when the water is absorbed all from the coconut, transfer the copra to the presser to remove the coconut oil. After pressing, transfer to the impurity filtration system 2 times. The end result we have cold pressed coconut oil.

With this method, the coconut will be pressed slowly to not increase the temperature, the extracted coconut oil will retain its purity and original natural aroma. Therefore, with the cold pressing method, the coconut oil will be completely pure, not mixed with water or impurities, so it will last longer than traditional manual methods.

What is the use of cold pressed coconut oil?

1. Hair treatment

Use cold pressed coconut oil to apply to hair, oily skin or composting with coconut oil to replenish moisture, vitamin E for hair to help hair healthy, smooth, no longer young. This is also an effective treatment for dandruff

2. Nursing mi

Use a cotton swab soaked in cold pressed coconut oil and brush the noodles from the feet to the ends. Can use cold pressed coconut oil mascara for convenient help nourish and lengthen the eyelashes. Lice effect after 2 weeks.


Use cold pressed coconut oil to remove make-up after applying make-up or blending with other natural ingredients to mask the skin. Can also use coconut oil alone as a cream after bathing.

4.The heel crack

Apply cold pressed coconut oil directly at the throw so the heel provides moisture to make the skin no longer cracked.

5. Weight loss

Coconut oil is fat, but unlike animal fats like pigs, the body stores the fat from coconut oil in tissues. Using cold pressed coconut oil mixed with salads, frying dishes, stir-fry both increases the taste and has the effect of weight loss to keep the shape effective.

6.Good for the digestive system, and cardiovascular

Drinking about 2 tablespoons of cold pressed coconut oil in the morning increases the body’s good resistance, good digestive system, diabetes and heart. In virgin coconut oil contains a lot of saturated fat should be able to provide the body with an abundant amount of cholesterol-lowering nutrients, control blood sugar, improve the digestive system, lose weight, prevent diseases liver, inflammation and especially improve the body’s resistance.

7. Heal wound by insect bites

Cold pressed coconut oil contains fatty acids, especially lauric acid has good antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects. When insect bites, you just apply a little coconut oil directly on the skin base will not feel swollen or supernatural anymore.

8. White teeth, prevent tooth decay, gingivitis

Gargle with cold pressed coconut oil after brushing your teeth helps whiten teeth, preventing oral diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis.

9. Preventing and treating skin rash for children

With antibacterial properties, treating coconut oil inflammation can prevent diaper rash in children. Before wearing diapers, apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the baby’s diaper skin, coconut oil will help protect the skin from the urine and baby’s stool so that the skin is not in direct contact with the agents that cause intimidation.

If the child has been intimidated after cleaning the affected area, mothers also apply a little coconut oil to the rash instead of using a diaper rash cream, coconut oil helps keep the scar away from the dirt and make the area dry. will see them slowly disappear. Babies with candida infection can also use coconut oil to treat it.

10. Support to treat stretch marks for pregnant women after giving birth 

From 3 months onwards should use coconut oil to avoid skin cracks in the abdomen and buttocks after birth. Just warm up coconut oil and gently massage the abdomen and buttocks in 5 minutes is done.

11. Anti-dark eye circles

If you stay up late with dark circles, cold pressed coconut oil is a simple solution against dark circles.


  • Coconut oil can be used to polish jewelry.
  • If the gum gets stuck to the hair, use coconut oil to remove it instead of cutting the hair.
  • Coconut oil massages nails to make nails stronger.
  • Coconut oil can replace natural sunscreen.
  • Coconut oil will soothe and heal puffy feet if you have to walk too much.
  • Coconut oil helps soothe and heal hemorrhoids.
  • Use coconut oil instead of shaving cream or for women who like to shave their legs daily
  • Pot coconut oil on nipples while breastfeeding helps prevent cracking.


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