Tips for slim face

Reducing face fat is one of the issues that are very concerned with those who own a fat, round face O – Line. However, don’t worry too much, please refer to the ways to reduce face fat below to own a delicate, slim V-Line face right away.

I – What causes fat face?

If excess fat in the abdomen, thighs, etc. can be concealed with clothing, the facial fat is very noticeable.

It should be understood that not all overweight and obese people have a big, fat face. Due to the fact that many cases of fat face are thin or in contrast the fat person is thin, the body is full but the face is very emaciated.

Understanding the causes of facial fat will help you choose an effective way to slim your face.

Due to the jaw bone structure

Maxillary – lower jaw, cheekbone, chin, forehead, … are the factors that make up the face structure. In particular, the jaw bone decides directly to the overall slim face.

When born, the jaw bone structure is shaped to be bigger and bigger than normal so the face will look more chubby. Even if the person is thin, the face is still round and even with a chest.

State of water retention on the face

This is the reason why many women are thin but fat. The water retention that causes a fat face can be explained by hormonal changes in the body.

In addition, aging, stress, lack of sleep, drinking alcohol, … are also the factors that make the face look fat.

Drink plenty of water before bed

Although water is essential for the body, drinking too much water before sleeping is the cause of puffy face, chin, and eyes when waking up.

In addition, drinking lots of water also causes the system to excrete much work leading to the phenomenon of nocturia, sleep deprivation.

Eat too salty

Salt can hold water, eating too salty will cause water to accumulate in the face.

In particular, the habit of eating fruit with salt dots also makes the face tend to swell more than usual.

Lazy movement, sleeping posture wrong

Being lazy in exercise, sleeping a lot, … is the factor that causes the face to not eliminate excess fat, the upper face is heavier.

In addition, when sleeping with low pillows or not having pillows is also the cause of fat accumulation in the face. Because at this time, the blood rushed to the brain, the blood vessels were congested, the face and eyelids became bigger and bigger.

Due to overweight, excess fat accumulates in the face

Of all the causes of fat face, weight gain fast, overweight, pregnancy – after childbirth, … are the factors that make the face more fat.

In fact, when the body is overweight, the amount of fat tends to accumulate in the face, leading to the appearance of chin, chubby.

II – 7 ways to reduce face fat at home fastest for men and women

The slim V-Line face is the standard many women aim for. However, those girls have plump face, lots of excess fat, do not worry too much about issues such as: How to get small face? What to do with a fat face? … Because of the ways to slim the natural face below will help the face less fat, smaller in appearance.

1. How to slim your face with exercises

Weight loss exercises are considered the optimal solution to remove excess fat from the body. If you accidentally own a chubby face, you can immediately refer to the exercises dedicated to slimming face right after:

➣ Method 1: Slimming face by puffing cheeks

Puffing cheeks, pushing air out is an exercise to reduce face fat for thin but fat people.

This exercise will create movement in the face, especially on the cheeks and neck. This creates frictional forces that burn off excess fat on the neck and chin.

how to make your face slim

Step 1: Pursed lips, keeping a smile and teeth grinding for 10 seconds
Step 2: Mouth says O and the letter X
Step 3: Repeat this movement for about 20 times.

➣ Method 2: Yoga exercises lose fat in 1 week

Yoga helps to lose body weight, firm body, not only that it also helps remove excess fat in the face quite effectively.

The way to do this is quite simple, use your mouth to take a deep breath, then squeeze your mouth and puff up your cheeks.

Repeat this action about 12 beats / time, at first it may be tired, but persistently stay awake for 1 week will see the change.

➣ Method 3: How to slim a round face with gym exercises

Many people wonder if gym will reduce face fat? The answer is yes. If you are overweight all over the body, applying gym exercises is the right choice.

Let’s start with cardio exercises such as: Inhaling the earth to push, push, run, … to help burn energy and excess fat on the body. Once the body is firmer, the face area will also be more balanced and slimmer.

In addition, there are a number of other exercises such as skipping rope, jumping, …. can also help reduce that face fat effectively.

2. Natural foods help to shrink the face

What to eat to reduce face fat quickly is the concern of countless women wishing to find a slim face.

Foods that you should include in your diet to help your face get sick quickly include:

Green vegetables, fruits

The fiber, vitamins in green vegetables help provide adequate nutrition for the body.

In particular, celery and spinach are two foods that are considered “exercise” to overcome facial fat, because they help the mouth muscles, jaw work better.

In addition, fruits also work as well as vegetables, so you need to supplement them more daily. However, instead of making fruit juice, cut it and eat it.

Eat chewing gum – Help your face muscles “exercise” in the morning
The chewing gum every morning will help the facial muscles to be active, lose fat and firmer.

However, it is necessary to choose a sugar-less rubber to get the best results.

Increase beef intake

Beef is the answer to what to eat to melt face fat fastest. Beef is rich in protein, iron, and nutrients that are good for health and make you feel full.

In addition, eating beef also stimulates the digestive system to increase productivity, helping to burn calories faster.

Nuts help reduce chin fat

Pocket nuts like: Walnuts, almonds, pumpkin, directions, … will help you consume a huge amount of calories. These are like exercises for the jaw muscles, helping to beat face fat, neck area, chin chin.

In addition, the vitamins and minerals in these nuts are also useful for health and help the body stay full longer.

Green tea helps eliminate face fat

Green tea not only possesses high levels of antioxidants but also helps improve health and physique.

Each day maintaining 1 cup of green tea will help reduce facial fat very effectively.


This is an indispensable food in the weight loss diet.

With the content of vitamin B12, B6, Vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium, omega3, … eggs will help the body have enough energy to maintain in a long day.

3. How to treat face fat with ice

Stone is considered a tool to help soothe acne, reduce bruises and dark circles.

However, few people know, making a slim stone face is also an extremely optimal method.

Applying ice will help skin tighten, tighten pores and stimulate fat loss faster.

Every day taking 10 minutes to apply ice around the face will help smooth skin and excess fat on the chin and cheeks significantly reduced.

➣ Detailed instructions on how to do it

Step 1: Put 3 – 5 small ice cubes in a soft towel or ice pack
Step 2: Apply on face and massage for about 10 minutes

➣ Note when done

You can use green tea water or put your cheeks in the freezer
Perform 2 times / day in the morning and evening for best results.

4. How to slim your face with salt, remove chin chin fat

Not only is the spice in meals, salt also works very well for weight loss. Slimming by salt acting under the purification mechanism, eliminating toxins from the body.

➣ How to reduce face fat with salt

Step 1: Add 2 tablespoons of granulated salt, mix with hot water
Step 2: Dip a soft towel in salt water and apply to face and neck
Step 3: Massage for about 10 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

➣ Note when done

Perseverance applied daily
Drinking salted lemon water, steaming salt water is also a way to reduce face fat quickly.

5. Massage face slimming effectively

Massage is a direct impact technique on the face, thus helping to reduce fat extremely effectively.

You can massage your arms or use a massage machine at home. Besides, you can use the face-slimming essential oils, not only to help you feel relaxed but also good for the skin.

➣ How to reduce facial fat Massage

Step 1: Head high, massage your chin with your thumb
Step 2: Press the hand on the head then tilt left tilted right
Step 3: Hands around the back of the neck, head low
Step 4: Swipe your hand from chin to temple direction from inside out
Step 5: Return to the original position and repeat the movement

➣ Note when applying

Should persistently perform 10-15 minutes / day
If using a massage machine should not be abused because it will affect the facial muscles.

6. Reflexology tips to make the face slimmer

Like other acupressure techniques, acupressure in face fat will apply force to the facial acupuncture points.

This will help increase blood circulation, tighten the skin, so that the face is thinner.

You can do it at home or go directly to the beauty salon or spa with acupressure massage services to get the best results.

➣ How to do the following

Step 1: Press and rub your fingers from behind the ear to below the neck
Step 2: Use finger joints to rub forehead from left to right and vice versa
Step 3: Knuckle your fingers cheekbone cheeks toward the chin about 5 times
Step 4: Put your index finger and thumb on the cheek like pinching the skin
Step 5: Apply 2 palms to cheeks and massage in a circular motion from the bottom up
Step 6: Rub the cheekbones with an average force in the direction from the inside out with the fingers.

7. Use a defrosting patch

Using face fat reduction stickers is the secret that many women spread each other on the webtretho forum.

The way to use the patch is also very simple, just paste into the fatty skin at the chin, abdomen, thighs, … is able to promote the effect.

However, there are many product lines of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, melted patch with a variety of designs, forms, … So you should also carefully choose a reputable buy address to avoid “money.” lost to take ”.

In addition to the above seven methods, there are currently many methods to help reduce excess fat on the other face, such as fat reduction with honey, thread, olive oil … Or tools such as: Machine, mask, serum , … Melt the face fat for you to choose.



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