The most effective way to increase round 1 by age 18

Turn 18 years old, also known as the age to become an adult. At this age, puberty development is complete, but many of you still have not seen developing round 1. So what is the way to increase around age 18? All will be answered in today’s article.

Cause the first round has not developed when at the age of 18

Between the ages of 12 and 14, starting into the onset of puberty, providing the right amount of nutrients will help your breasts grow. When you turn 18 years old, if your bust does not improve due to a number of reasons:

– Genetic factors: according to underdeveloped chest experts, the structure of cells from mother to child can be established

– During the development of the embryo is not good also makes some parts can not develop including the chest

– During puberty does not add the food necessary for the development of the breast.

– In addition, during puberty, many children have a habit of sleeping on their stomachs, this also makes the breast cannot develop.

How to increase within 1 year old 18 most effective

According to experts, some of the following methods may improve the size of the breasts at age 18

1. How to increase round size with a diet rich in beans

Since ancient times, legumes or seeds have been considered a panacea for women. Especially among them are soy. With abundant phytotrogens, soy helps directly affect the first round and increases the ability to fight breast cancer extremely effectively. You can add to the menu of dishes made from this type of bean or maintain soy milk daily to get a perfect round and smooth skin.

Besides beans, cereal grains also have an important role in determining breast size. In the grain contains many compounds that help increase female hormones both work to increase breasts and help skin smooth white skin.

Therefore, if you want to improve your round, start right away with a diet that contains lots of beans and nuts.

2. How to improve your breasts by massage

When the blood circulation is good, it will help the natural pink and white ring and help increase the size very effectively. Every day, take 5-10 minutes in the morning after waking up or the evening before bed to be able to perform these massage movements.

Use the left hand to lift the left breast and the right hand to lift the right breast, then perform gentle up and down, speed 2-3 times / second, perform about 20-30 times.

3. Improve your round 1 with chestnut stewed pork leg dish 

Chestnuts help stimulate and perfect the growth of the ovaries, increase the excretion of firming substances. In addition, the B vitamin content in chestnuts also promotes metabolism to increase estrogen production. When combined with the legs, it will create a nutritious food, rich in vitamins A, B, and E for the body to help reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin, and help to increase the size of the chest extremely effectively.

4. How to increase round size with green papaya

Green papaya is a natural fruit that works to increase breast size quickly and effectively. In the composition of green papaya contains an enzyme that helps stimulate the production of phytotrogens thereby helping the “twin mountains” of women more plump. In addition, according to the research of scientists, this active ingredient also works to prevent breast cancer. At the same time, the green papaya also contains a lot of vitamins A, C, E that have the effect of beautifying the skin, nourishing the skin to boost immunity. Therefore, if you want to have a hot, toned and supple health, immediately add green papaya to your daily diet.

You can use green papaya as a smoothie and use 1 cup every night or use green papaya to cook soup is also very delicious and nutritious.

5. Improve ring size thanks to chicken eggs

The breast structure is made up of fat tissue, so if you know how to eat properly, your chest size will be significantly increased.

Chicken eggs are considered a special dish for those who have a modest round want to improve. Because chicken eggs contain many proteins that help produce muscle, thereby helping the breast size become fuller and firmer.

The easiest way is to steam chicken eggs or combine with honey and a little condensed milk if you need to gain weight.

6. Provide adequate water intake 

Water replenishment is an effective way to increase your age at age 18. Not only does it purify the body, water will help solve the problem of underdeveloped chest.

Every day add at least 2 liters of water to the body, moreover the water also helps healthy skin.

7. Exercise increases round 1 

Swimming exercises as well as sports activities will help your breasts become toned, chest muscles develop. Moreover, these exercises also help increase the height for 18 year old girls

Above are 7 ways to increase the best round 1 to help your girl more confident and attractive. However, in the process of applying you should not be too hasty and a lot of effective cases also depend on many different factors. In any case, always keep your optimism and love life!





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